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Welcome to The Healthy Chocolate Project Video

Module One

Shopping List PDF: Healthy Chocolate Project Shopping List Weeks 1 and 2

Shopping List Explanation and Introduction to Diana and Randy

Recipes for Week One:   Week-Module One Recipes – Cherry Pecan Dark and Cranberry Milk Chocolate Truffles

Introduction To Week One and Two Plus Chocolate Benefits

Choosing and Melting Chocolate For All Recipes


Cherry Pecan Dark Chocolates

Cranberry Milk Chocolate Truffles

Module Two 

Recipes click to open and download  Week Two Chocolate Chip Cookies and Train Mix Recipes

Week Two – Grinding Coconut Sugar for Recipes

Week Two – Making Healthy Chocolate Chips

Week Two – Trail Mix With a Difference

Week Two – Chocolate Chip Cookies

Week Two – How to Grind Flax Meal for Cookies.

Module Three

Shopping List:  click to open and then save  Shopping List Week Three

Recipes:  click to open and then save.  Week Three Recipes

Week Three: Milk Chocolate Coconut Bars

Week Three:  Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Week Four:  Raw Chocolate!

Week Four:  Shopping List

Week Four:  Recipes

How to Zest an Orange for Healthy Baking and Raw Foods

How to Chop Nuts Fast for Different Situations

Raw Chocolate With Orange

Raw Chocolate Cinnamon Bliss Balls

Healthy Sugars

Healthy Oils

Healthy Substitutions for All Recipes:

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