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Top 3 Costliest Health Mistakes

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While trying to improve my health over the years, I tried many things that didn’t work and made plenty of the costliest health mistakes. Some of these missteps cost me time (not getting better), some cost me money and some cost me both. Maybe you’ve gone through this, too.

You won’t find the common health mistakes of smoking, drinking too much or not getting enough sleep or exercise on this list of health mistakes. Instead, I want us all to take a look at how our obsession with the quick fix overtakes our common sense and holds back our health.

1. The Magic Pill Promise

Costliest Health Mistakes

There is a pill to magically take away all your pain. There is a pill to magically suck away all your fat– no matter how much you eat!  There is a pill for everything.

We want to believe in these pills. We want them to work because we want to feel and look better.

Think about it though – how can a tiny little 500 gm pill make up for the pounds of sugar we eat, the bowels of greens that we don’t consume, the shopping carts full of dumb carbs and junk food we eat,  instead of the whole foods, fresh fruits and whole grains? […]