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Learn the Skills and Principles for Achieving Long Term Health and Natural Slenderness.

  healthy-boyDo you ever wonder if your diet is making a difference in your life; whether it is good enough or balanced enough? We hear all the time about a balanced diet  but much of that information is contradictory and confusing.

Are you sure if you are eating the right foods, are getting enough or too much protein, are eating enough fruits and vegetables?    

Who else wants to learn the secrets to eating properly… that will strengthen and energize your body effortlessly?

(Even if you don’t know the first thing about nutrition or health right now.)
In this step-by-step complete course you will learn exactly how to evaluate and change your eating habits (completely from scratch) from
two health experts who have helped thousands….

Discover your Real Food Factor…..and Then Increase It!  

Determine how you are doing right now and then apply simple time tested principles…..for Healing, Energy & Weight Loss

Join our new improved Five Week Teleconference Course

  • We have updated our last course with some ‘must have’ modules. (see below)
  • Included as part of the classes is a one on one half hour Nutrition session with Diana
  • We are limiting the number of participants to 20 which means that every week there will be time for you to ask your questions and for us to respond. 

Overall Benefits:

1.  Be part of a supportive interactive group committed to improving their health together over 5 weeks.

2. Take control of your health progress by knowing exactly where you are and what you have to do each day in a simple and easy way.

3. Reach your full potential … by learning some simple things to do to create a vibrant you.  

During our 5 week  Course You Will Discover and Implement:

  • How to simplify your orientation to nutrition so you can worry less and enjoy more.
  • The 3 key elements you need to put in every meal to make them work like magic.
  • When you can save money by not buying organic; when you can’t afford not to.
  • The secret to keeping up with an exercise routine. (You know you should)
  • How to deal with craving in a gentle yet powerful manner.

             ……and much, much more!  

We just added these bonus modules!

1Food combining for better digestion, more energy, healing and weight loss.

2.  Figuring  out your Real Food Factor.  Know your daily score!      


Zero = would not be reading this (dead)                      

Three = you probably got the flu that’s going around                     

Seven = Feeling GOOD                          

Ten = WOW! You really need to be helping others. Come help teach this course.

3. Talking with Plants (yes this does sound unusual but the basis to this is AND to getting very healthy is in listening to your body in specific ways that you will learn)

4Balanced Daily Routine for a balanced life.  

First Call is FREE: 

Date: Thursday, Oct 29

Time: 7:00 p.m. MST  

To get the Dial In Number:  We will mail out the phone number and code, to everyone on our mailing list. 

If you are not on the mailing list fill in your name and email below  for our free newsletter.  The opt in box  also in the upper right of this site.  

Registration to the course will be open to the first 20 who apply that day.  Don’t delay.

vital healt assessment

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4 thoughts on “FREE Teleconference Class this Thursday”

  1. Judy Vincent

    O.K. – I’ve read through the information on the 5 week course and I can’t find a specific mention, but can I assume this is a course via teleconference vs. in person?

    Also, I assume that because I receive your Newsletter that I am a subscriber so I will receive the info the a.m. of the meeting day?

    Also what is the cost?

    Thank you,

    1. Yes Judy it is a teleconference. Thanks for noticing that. I have added that in although it was is the email subject. You will receive a notice just before the call. The course used to cost $120.00.

  2. June Benaschak

    Hi – how do I register for the class to-nite? Oct. 29th. I thought it was on one of the e-mails, but can’t seem to find it.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading your site, and right I’m trying to lose some weight too. I’m 50 years old and trying to lose 50 pounds by playing Just Dance for Wii. Its only the second day, but progress has definitely been made!

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