How to Grow Watermelons

 how to grow watemelons

Diana has inspired me to grow watermelons.  It turns out they are not as hard as I would have thought.

I’ll let you know how it turns out!

1. Plan and Prepare:

Living in Canada I can’t realistically grow at 40b watermelon but I can try a 4 lb. miniature type that will mature in 40-60 days.

I will also have to plant then indoors first so I will need:

  • Watermelon seeds (not from grocery store melons you eat- they are hybrid)
  • Paper pots and lids
  • Good soil

2.  Getting them started

  • 3 weeks prior to the time when the danger of frost is completely gone (watermelons are sensitive) – stick 2-3 seeds in each pot.
  • Keep them warm and moist (if have lids will need very little water)
  • Thin out the weaker smaller plants so you have just one sprouted seed per pot

3. Move them outdoors when frost free.

  • Plant the pots in well good drained soil at least 4 feet apart, (foliage can grow even bigger) in sunny windless  area.
  • The pot should go into a hole twice as big as the pot which is filled with good soil and lots of compost.

4. Add loving care:

  • Watermelons like lots of sun, water and compost. 
  • Remove all weeds around as they are watermelon plants are not robust enough when young to compete.

5.  Harvest 

  • Watermelons are ready to be harvested when they’re light green and their tendrils are brown and crispy. The green color should be a bit dull, and the bottom should be yellow.
  • Pushing your fingernail through the melon should also be difficult.
  • Tapping on the watermelon should give a DULL thump.


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