How Long Do You Want to Live?

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Most of us would say that we would like to live a long healthy life and we know that people are living longer then ever before. Here are some interesting facts to consider.


Highest 15 (average life span)

  1. Monaco 93.77
  2. Macau 87.54
  3. Japan 87.43
  4. Singapore 86.20
  5. San Marino 85.81
  6. Hong Kong 85.05
  7. Guernsey 85.04
  8. Andorra 84.74
  9. France 84.73
  10. Italy 84.63
  11. Spain 84.47
  12. Australia 84.45
  13. Canada 84.21
  14. Liechtenstein 84.19
  15. Switzerland 84.16

US is number 55 on the list.

Source: RankingsPopulationLifeExpectancyatBirthFemale2012

Here is the link for Male Life Expectancy

Even though the United States spends more money on health care then any other country, it only ranks 50th out of 224 nations in life expectancy (an average life span of 78.1 years, according to 2009 estimates from the CIA World Factbook.)
“Americans would be living six months longer today than they currently are if obesity had not increased as much as it has since 1991,” said Frank Lichtenberg, professor of business at Columbia University.
Two-thirds of U.S. adults and nearly one in three children are overweight or have obesity. That is not healthy and this is problem is increasing throughout the world.

Obesity is a Bigger Health Crisis than Hunger!

That is very sad.  Close to 500 researchers from 50 countries created the Global Burden of Disease report; they compared health data from 1990 to 2010 and found a massive shift in global health trends.

“We discovered that there’s been a huge shift in mortality. Kids who used to die from infectious disease are now doing extremely well with immunization,” said Ali Mokdad, co-author of the study and professor of global health at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, which led the collaborative project.

“However, the world is now obese and we’re seeing the impact of that.”

We ought to be embarrassed at our over eating when there are so many children starving and even dying due to lack of food.
Living a long and healthy life is what most of say we would like; a long life when it is not healthy in the body and mind not appealing.  

What is it that creates a long and healthy life?

These are the 6 essentials:

  1. Good NutritionEat a healthy balanced diet. You will look good with clear skin and being at a healthy weight.
  2. Quit unhealthy habits – Smoking, drinking alcohol or using street drugs do not work for a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Quality Sleep – Getting enough sleep will help you to perform well in work or school or as an at home parent.
  4. Daily ExerciseThe body benefits from regular exercise and there is a better chance at a having a longer, mobile life.
  5. How to Live Stress Free – Find ways to reduce the stress in your life. Stress can cause you to suffer from headaches, anger, drug abuse, eating disorders and fatigue.
  6. Breathing Deeply – This will help with stress, sleeping, digesting your food and feed your muscles so they can develop.


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2 thoughts on “How Long Do You Want to Live?”

  1. Male Life Expectancy 2014
    Highest 15 (average life span)
    1. Monaco 85.70
    2. Singapore 81.67
    3. Macau 81.50
    4. Japan 80.85
    5. San Marino 85.59
    6. Andorra 80.46
    7. Switzerland 79.99
    8. Guernsey 78.65
    9. Australia 79.55
    10. Hong Kong 79.47
    11. Liechtenstein 79.45
    12. Italy 79.32
    13. Isle of Man 79.25
    14. Jersey 79.13
    15. Canada 79.08

    US is number 49 at 76.19

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