Top Calcium Rich Foods – Dairy Free

calcium rich foods

You don’t have to eat dairy to  get ample supplies of calcium. In fact, in some situations, drinking milk will actually decrease your bone health and put you at risk for bone fractures. Read Are You Getting Enough Calcium to understand how it is just as  important to absorb and  keep the calcium in your body once eaten.

The calcium provided  listed for the foods below are based on the recommended 1000 mg per day. Boys and girls 9-18, are recommended 1300 and and 1200 for older men and women. 

Top Calcium Rich Foods

Dried Savory-  a single tablespoon contains 9% of your recommended daily value (DV).  Many other dried herbs like celery seed, thyme, dill, marjoram, spearmint and parsley contain similar high values.

Almonds Dry roasted, made into butter, or made into milk, almonds are an excellent source of calcium, providing 27 percent (DV) from just 22 almonds.

Sesame seeds –
Roasted or dried, sesame seeds provide calcium at nine percent of DV per tablespoon. Sesame butter (Tahini) provides 6% per tablespoon.

Raw turnip greens
– Contain 10 percent DV in a cupful of chopped greens.

Brazil nuts
– Provide 21 percent DV per cup.

Flax seeds –
provide 43% DV per cup.

Raw Turnip greens – 10% DV  in a chopped cup.

Dandelion greens
Provide 10%t DV per cup.

– Provide 9% DV per cup.

Mustard Greens
– Provide 6 percent DV per cup.

Tofu – provides 10% DV per ounce. Tofu prepared with calcium sulfate can provide much much higher levels.

Cooked Spinach –  24% from just one cup.

Figs – 24% in one cup.

Oranges – 6% in one orange, 7J% in one cup.

Kiwi – 3% in one kiwi.  6% in one cup.


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