So Many Types of Basil

Basil adds a distinct tastiness to out food and gives us so many health benefits too.  There are 35 types of Basil plants which belong to the mint family.  They range from annuals to perennials and shrubs.

Here are 10 of the most common Basil:

  1. Sweet Basil is Italian basil, used in tomato sauce, pesto and salads.
  2. Greek Basil has been used in cooking and for fragrances for centuries. It has small leaves on dome shaped, 8″ tall plants. Great with tomatoes, in salads or sauces.
  3. Cardinal Basil has a rich scent, with a touch of spice. It has deep burgundy stems holding flowers with bright green leaves which is so beautiful in a herb.
  4. African Blue Basil is minty and peppery purple flowers and green purple leaves.  Good for pesto.
  5. Genovese Basil has tender, fragrant, extra-large, dark green leaves from Italy. Best for pesto.
  6. Spicy Saber Basil has a spicy flavour for Asian dishes. It stays bushy and productive late into the season.
  7. Summerlong Basil is a compact, tight bush, slow to bolt, and covered with shiny, bright green leaves. It is be great for ornamental edging in vegetable beds.
  8. Purple Ruffle Basil is highly aromatic with purple leaves and pink flowers is beautiful.
  9. Holy Basil is popular in the east for its medicinal properties. It is also used in Thai cooking.
  10. Lemon Basil with its fresh lemon fragrance and silver-green plants is native to northwest India.  Perfect for salads.
Vegan Pesto
Vegan Pesto


Basil Tea

How to Use Basil – Cooking and Eating Tips

Check out this tasty Vegan Pesto recipe. It is so yummy!

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