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Tofu Kebabs recipe

Tofu Kebabs Recipe

Tofu kebabs are a great addition to any meal and so yummy. They are filled with nutritious vegetables and protein-rich tofu. A great vegetarian addition to a barbecue this summer too especially for those wanting a vegan option.
Course Main Course
Cuisine gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian
Keyword Gluten-free, kebab, mushrooms, tofu, tomato, Vegan, vegetarian, zucchini
Servings 6
Author Diana Herrington


  • 6 wooden or metal skewers
  • 1 package extra firm tofu
  • 6 cherry tomatoes
  • 6 small mushrooms
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 6 zucchini chunks
  • olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar


  • Cut the tofu into large cubes.
  • Cut the zucchini into large chunks that will fit onto the skewer.
  • Cut a bell pepper into chunks, I like to use a yellow pepper if possible to add extra color to this tofu kebab.
  • Assemble the kebabs by threading tofu, peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms onto the skewers. (If using wooden skewers, soak them in water for 10 to 30 minutes before using.)
  • Place the finished kebabs in a large, flat plastic ceramic or glass container.
  • Cover them with Olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Marinate the tofu kebabs for 4 hours or overnight. When you are ready to cook them, pour off any extra marinade.
  • Since there is no meat in this recipe, the extra marinade is safe to be reused as a salad dressing.
  • Grill the tofu kebabs on the barbecue or broil them in the oven, about 5 minutes per side.
  • Makes 6 large kebabs.
  • Now serve your tasty tofu kebabs recipe.


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