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Before the BootCamp: 

Shopping list:Shopping List for Healthy Weight Loss BootCamp

Module One:  Explanation of shopping list & basic introduction:  Watch below


Module Two:   Friday Start of BootCamp Instruction:  watch below

Schedule for Saturday: Saturday HealthyWeightLossBootCamp Schedule

Recipes for Saturday:  Recipes Saturday Healthy Weight Loss BootCamp


Module Three:   Saturday Instruction


 Module Four  Sunday

Module 5:  Final Tips

How to Continue After the BootCamp – Alternative  Meal Suggestions


Food Combining & Acid/alkaline Balance



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  1. Hello! I was unable to find quinoa flakes in my store, can I use regular quinoa? I was unable to find Braggs, can I use tamari or soy sauce? Otherwise I am all set and looking forward to the boot camp!

    Thank you!

    1. Kathryn, you can use regular quinoa but it will need a different recipe. Remind me to send the link to you.
      Yes use tamari.
      Happy to hear you have all the shopping list as I have been concerned as you needed to confirm your email and I just saw the you did with another email so all is good.

  2. What is the menu for Sun. or do we have the same as to-day but Stir -fry instead of steam? I shall try and go back to the video we just saw but usually you send the menu and recipes separate for the next day.

    1. Hi June, sorry for the confusion. The recipes that we sent out were the right ones. It was the schedule that had the recipe for lunch wrong. We are as I type this sending out the revised schedule. The Stir Fry Veg will be for tomorrow. The schedule and recipes will be going out later today.

  3. I would have to say my Favorite recipes so far (as I didn’t have time to-day so shall cook them to-morrow) is the Adzuki Vegetable Bean Stew and the Cabbage and Walnut Salad.

    What I like about them is the flavour and the texture. I have to say the salad also because it compliments the stew so well. The sweet/sour crunch just makes the stew taste even better. Another thing I liked about the beans is I don’t have a problem with them after so I don’t have to stay away from them like I have been.

    Once again I learned lots of good tips through this Bootcamp but most important was how to prepare and cook the beans.

    Thanks Diana & Randy for the well informed and organized weekend Bootcamp.

  4. My favorite recipe was the Cabbage and Walnut Salad. I liked the crispness of it and I liked the sweetness. I had it again on sunday and added a few raisins so it was extra yummy. I did not try the soup yet but will try it tomorrow. I have been doing these for awhile so I do not know that I learned anything new other than the recipes but I was reminded of many of the benefits of several of the foods so I will try to continue to add these into my diet more regularly. I appreciated getting more uses for the tahini and would like some more for the miso (I had lots of both of these left over from the alkalizing boot camp back in the fall and did not know what else to do with them). Thanks again for keeping me on track. I have lost 7 pounds since the beginning of Jan. and feel like my digestion has really improved.

  5. Thank you June and Cindy for letting us know what you liked and how you have been moving forward.

    Cindy, that is great that you are losing the weight you wanted to and that your digestion has improved.
    There is one more miso recipe here: Miso Soup With Spinach & Mushrooms https://www.realfoodforlife.com/miso-soup-with-spinach

  6. What a wealth of information! I’m sorry I could not participate in the Sunday calls; I had to go out of town unexpectedly.

    I love the Adzuki Bean Stew! The garlic, ginger, and tamari added wonderful flavors. I can see adding many things we learned into my everyday routine (warm water, lemon, CHOCOLATE :)

    Many thanks Diana and Randy!

    1. Happy to hear you appreciate all that information. Sorry you could not participate live. Let us know how all the rest of the meals go and do feel free to ask questions here if you need to.
      Enjoy that healthy chocolate. :)

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