Welcome to the 6 Month BootCamp Series

Welcome to the 6 Month Healthy Weekend BookCamp Series.

Congratulations on making a serious commitment to your health.

Once you have opted in to this 6 month mailing list we can send you a monthy email with the special Welcome page for each BootCamp as it is scheduled.

Each month you will also have opt in to that particular BootCamp’s mailing list.  

For example, the next BootCamp weekend will be the Healthy Weight Loss BootCamp taking place January 18-20

It is at this page:    Welcome  to the Healthy Weight Loss BootCamp


We look forward to the extensive time we will be sharing together and hope you will use these monthy focuses to keep on tract with your ongoing health journey.

Since you are have already registered of the 6 month series you are already subscribed to this mailing.  Be watching for a confirmation email to verify this. If for some reason you are not opted in you can use the forma below.






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