Welcome To The 2-5-30 Summer Diet and Detox

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You are registered for the 2-5-30 Summer Diet and Detox Cleanse.

Congratulations for taking a big step in your health.

This set of Four 2-Day Diets will give your body a powerful boost and change your eating habits forever.

On this page, we will be posting your shopping lists, menus and recipes for each week below. All the downloads are in PDF format so make sure you have that installed.  It is free and very good to have: PDF Reader

There will also be a recording of all the live training calls plus the bonus video training.

We will send you emails when anything new is posted on this page.

Week One

Week One Shopping List: Shopping List for Week One

Menu and Schedule Week One: Summer Cleanse Week One Schedule Menu

Recipes: All Recipes Week One

Video Training

Week Two

Food and Activity Diary: Food & Activity Log

Food & Activity Log:   (word format for those who would like to type in their results)

Shopping list, menu and recipes the same as week one.

How To Cook Quinoa Recipe (if all raw is too much for you)

Week Two Video Training

Acid/Alkaline Training

Week Three

Week Three shopping list: Summer Cleanse Shopping list wk 3

Week Three Menu: Week Three Summer Cleanse Schedule Menu

Week Three Recipes: Week Three Recipes

Complete set of exercises: Exercises with pictures 2 page

Video Training

Food Combining Training

Week 4 and Extras Coming.

Let us know when you have completed Week 3.

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  1. Looking forward to more great info and recipes. I’m ready to feel better and fit back into my clothes. As one of my former colleagues once said: ‘my clothes are hurting me’ and I don’t have the energy I used to have.

  2. I am ready to give my body the opportunity to detox and be regaining health once again.
    Having lost 70 lbs I felt like a new person but now it is slowly creeping back. I was very excited to see this detox being offered so I am getting back on track again.
    My smaller clothes are missing going out with me for they just do not fit the same.

    I am looking forward to cleaning up my body from the inside out.

  3. I’ve never been much of a fan of watermelon, so this was a big moment this morning for me to get through a whole big bowl of watermelon. Interestingly, the more I ate, the more tasty it became. After reading all the benefits watermelon has to offer, I am most anxious to play more in this program. Thanks Diana for all your work and research. I’m also loving the simplicity!)

  4. Hi – Sorry I missed Tues. but just finished the video of it and can’t seem to copy the Menu Schedule and all recipes for week one. My computer has been acting up so that may be the reason. I was able to copy the shopping list from another email so was wondering if you could send the other 2 on a separate email.

    1. My goal is to get back on track to healthy eating.
    2. Do I keep rinsing the Quinoa up to the time I use it?
    3. Can I still take my supplements in the morning by putting the pkg. ones in my smoothie? I guess I could miss for the 2 days and only take them on the 5 days. What do you think?

    Love how simple this sounds and plan on giving it my full attention as I have no commitments for the rest of this month (so far).
    Thanks for your commitments of looking out and caring for other people.

    1. Hi June, great to hear you goal.
      Yes, keep rinsing the quinoa right up until using it.
      I know the supplements you are using and the are food type ones so they will work.
      I thought about how good it would be to keep it simple right down to a simple shopping list, happy to hear you like that.

  5. Thanks Diana – sorry to bother you again but could you please send me the schedule the same way as the recipes. I can go to the Video but much easier to have a print out. I can receive emails but not send them.

  6. Just finished my two days ‘on’. Had a few ‘moments’ of feeling a little nauseous…so feeling like I’m quickly tapping into the detox aspect. Also still amazed at how satisfied I feel on just veggies…must be to your great combinations! Thanks Di!

    1. Ann, I was happy to hear that you who have not been a fan of watermelon, that the the more you ate, the more tasty it became.

      Congratulations Ann for completing your first 2 days!
      Yes sound like you are detoxing, nausea as you know is one of the first things that can happen. In the future you could eat more of the sprouted quinoa, almonds, and pumpkin seeds if you want to feel less nausea.

      1. It’s Lack of Exercise – Not Calories – That Make Us Fat, Study Says

        A new study published yesterday in the American Journal of Medicine found a correlation relating to exercise and weight gain.

        “At the population level, we found a significant association between the level of leisure-time physical activity, but not daily caloric intake, and the increases in both BMI and waist circumference,” said lead study author Dr. Uri Ladabaum, associate professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine.

        At the very least remember to go for walks every day. We will be teaching some exercises that will help in the upcoming Tuesday class.

        1. There’s no diet list I’ll follow that would rule out a cherry…. – Edgar A. Guest
          Why are cherries part of this diet?
          Here are 2 of the many reasons:
          Cherries Help You Sleep Better
          In a study, participants boosted their melatonin intake by following this routine. Cherries are a good source of melatonin.

          Cherries Decrease Belly Fat
          Tart cherries reduced belly fat in a study. Researchers found rats that were fed whole tart cherry powder, in a high fat diet, didn’t gain as much weight or build up as much body fat as rats that didn’t.

          I know you are not eating tart cherries but the sweet ones have the benefits too just in a lesser quantity.

          1. Wonder why you are eating lots of watermelon?

            Watermelon is more than just refreshing and tasty.
            Watermelon is an inexpensive way to help you cleanse your body and lose weight. A one cup serving of watermelon is only 47 calories. Yes, watermelon is 92 percent water but that other 8 percent is filled with good nutrition and amazing health benefits. Watermelon is recommended by American Council on Exercise as a good choice of diet food.

            Watermelon Helps with Cleansing, Weight Loss and Health:
            1. Extremely alkaline-forming in the body
            Fat cells contain toxicity and acid. Your body will not let go of fat cells while you are still acidic.

            2. High amount of citrulline
            It creates a diuretic effect (lots of peeing) as the toxins leave your body. Citrulline makes arginine which removes ammonia and other toxins from the body. Also, arginine boosts nitric oxide, which improves blood flow. Science Daily This is why a watermelon detox works.

            Here is my article on this: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/the-ideal-fruit-for-cleansing-weight-loss.html

  7. “Strawberries are the angels of the earth, innocent & sweet with green leafy wings reaching heavenward.” – Jasmine Heiler

    Here are a few strawberry benefits:
    Helps burn stored fat
    The red colouring contains anthocyanins; they stimulate the burning of stored fat. There was reduced weight gain in animals fed a high fat diet. – Research, The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

    Boost short term memory:
    The anthocyanins boost short-term memory by 100 % in eight weeks. – The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

    Helps with weight loss:
    One cup contains only 49 calories.

    Read more about the Health Benefits of Strawberries – The Queen of Fruits

    1. Greens are super in for the course and for many good reasons! It is one of the reasons they are in the Green Smoothie in the menu.
      Here is just one:
      Greens are full of chlorophyll that purifies the blood, prevents tooth decay, aids in proper digestion, helps detoxify the liver, keeps the thyroid gland in balance, cleanses internal organs, enhances capillary function, supports sex hormones, decontaminates inorganic chemicals, and builds up red blood cell counts according to Dr. Ann, Dr. Bernard Jensen and G. P. Earp-Thomas of Bloomfield Laboratories.
      Read the rest of the 10 Reasons to Eat Green Smoothies

      1. It’s important how we start our day. The body has been in repair mode and the digestive system hopefully has had a rest. We have done a mini fast since our last evening meal.

        It is good for the body to drink a cup of warm or hot water first thing without anything in it. It is the best way to break-the-fast from the night and cleanse.

        Why and What happens when we drink water first:

        To begin with the water cleanses, flushing out all in your digestive system and kidney and bladder.
        That is just the beginning of all the benefits of drinking water first thing every morning.

  8. I still have dental toxicity after many years since having all my metal amalgams removed. I have experienced detox several times throughout those years and have become aware of what those metal detox symptoms are for me. Since doing this program, I have had several days with those metal detox symptoms coming back, which just confirms how nasty and deeply engrained that stuff can be in the body…additionally confirming how effective this program is for detoxing.

  9. Raspberries are a Summer Powerfood!
    * High in vitamin C; they provide over half you daily requirement.
    * High in manganese, a trace mineral that helps keep your metabolic rate high.
    * Contain ellagic acid, a natural substance which is an anti-carcinogenic (cancer-preventing).

  10. Hi Diana.
    Today was my first cleanse day. A little behind, i know. I could not eat all the food and I’m wondering if that is alright. Should I be concerned about eating to little? I could eat only half the lunch and supper salads and skipped the afternoon snack. I ate all the rest.

    1. Happy to hear you have begun Marijke, still lots of time to do this Summer Cleanse. In fact you can repeat this right up until the end of August.

      Everyone has different needs in relation to the amount of food they need to eat. A 6 foot 2 inches man will need more food than a 5 ft 6 in woman. Best to truly listen to your body which it sounds like you are doing Marijke and eat as much as it needs. Eating smaller meals and skipping snacks is totally fine.

  11. Hi Diana, I have just been reviewing all of the weeks , and I do have a few questions.
    -Will we still have access to these pages after the call tomorrow night?

    -why is it okay to mix the smoothie with fruit is it because it is only a 2 day detox?
    _I now recognize that I am in the category of poor digestion and obese, what is the quickest to enhance or speed up the improvement of digestion when one has had lots of antibiotics over the years?
    -I really want to keep on with the detox , I was hoping for continued guidance into weight loss. What digestive enzymes can you recommend

    1. Alpha, good questions!
      1. Will we still have access to these pages after the call tomorrow night?
      Everything on this Welcome page will still be accessible for everyone who joined this course. I even suggest that you can continue to repeat the course during August.

      2. why is it okay to mix the smoothie with fruit is it because it is only a 2 day detox? Not sure I understand what you are asking but think it is about the greens with the fruit. Food combining wise greens and fruit especially when blended work well together. You can have green smoothies all year long.

      3. I now recognize that I am in the category of poor digestion and obese, what is the quickest to enhance or speed up the improvement of digestion when one has had lots of antibiotics over the years? I really want to keep on with the detox , I was hoping for continued guidance into weight loss. What digestive enzymes can you recommend?

      What would be good for you is to have a Vital Health Assessment. The one I would suggest you choose is ‘Basic Body Assessment #B’ Includes: Testing complete range of whole food supplements. When you get that, you will have a consultation with me going over the results.

      Also, I do recommend that you do the second month of this Summer Cleanse and follow it with the Late Summer Cleanse and Fall one too. If we combine these 3 courses with a Vital Health Assessment you will have me to refer to, get your questions answered and have my support and guidance.

      Let me know if you need any more clarification.

  12. This was a great course at the right time for me. I really enjoyed the information and especially Diana’s recipes.

    I’ve noticed (and my husband has noticed changes in my appearance) since doing this program. I don’t feel hungry and am really enjoying the simplicity of the ‘plates’. I’ve noticed the ‘love handles around my waist seem to be shrinking. I use the method of how my clothes fit to gauge results….and I’m definitely getting results..Thanks!

    My biggest challenge through this has been that because we have a large extended family that gets together regular;y, mealtimes aren’t always conducive to my needs and it is often difficult to keep on track. But the beauty of the 2 on and 5 off system takes a lot of the guilt out of those occasions…Seems to be a really good lifestyle change that should be easy to maintain.

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