Victoria Boutenko ~ Queen of Raw

Victoria Boutenko Mother of the Raw Food Family. "Queen of Raw


Victoria Boutenko Mother of the Raw Food Family.“Queen of Raw”

Listen to Victoria’s amazing start in raw foods and how she invented the ‘Green Smoothie.

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Victoria explains the KEY to health and gives many practical tips on various conditions in her complete interview.

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  • Victoria, I just wanted to know do you feel it is suitable to raise children (8and 2year old) as vegetarians. They have your green smoothies, fermented cod liver oil in butter , flaxseed, maca , chia, hemp, everything organic,plenty of eggs, some fish, butter and lots of sprouted seeds, nuts, grains. No processed sugar, no gluten . Both gave development issues – however great eaters and happily vegetarian . Our brain development specialist is telling me constantly I am damaging them, and they must have bone broth and liver. I feel I am giving them the amino acids and protein they need. Can you advise please. Thankyou