The Healthy Chocolate Project

Chocolate, I am sure comes from heaven.

It is one of the most popular and satisfying foods in the world.

Chocolate Can Be Good for You when it is made with healthy ingredients.

I have been working on new recipes for ‘The Healthy Chocolate Project’ since 2011.

All my recipes are filled with healthy ingredients.

  • NO REFINED SUGAR in any of them.
  • They are dairy free too.
  • Of course gluten free.
  • Best of all yummy. All my tasters have thoroughly enjoyed all of the chocolate I have let them sample.

The Healthy Chocolate Project book will be filled with extensive groups of chocolate recipes.

Here are a few for you to visually sample.

Cherry/Pecan Dark Chocolate Bar
Cherry/Pecan Dark Chocolate Bar


Raw Chocolate Balls
Raw Chocolate Balls



Almond Dark Chocolate Bar
Almond Dark Chocolate Bar


We Need Recipe Testers  All Tester Positions Filled At This Time

  • To try out my recipes in your home so we can get this book out by December 1 this year!
  • I will be entrusting you with what I consider my super secret ‘to-die-for-recipes’.
  • Also, I still need help with the  final refinements of the recipes as I cannot eat that much chocolate even if it is filled with healthy ingredients.
  • What you will get is access to some of my top secret chocolate recipes.
  • You will be recognized in the book.  We assume it will be a best seller!
  • We need digital photos of the finished recipe sent to us.
  • For 3 people (this can include yourself) to sample and give feed back on the finished recipe to send to us.

I am looking for people to create a working relationship on ‘The  Healthy Chocolate Project’ who are good healthy cooks with whom I can trust to keep these recipes secret.

If you would like to be part of the ‘The Healthy Chocolate Project’ and featured in this e-book then reply to this email and request an application form.

Reply here:   Testers Application

NOTE: We don’t need TASTERS.

Register for Classes:     We are now teaching healthy chocolate making in a series of classes at this link:   The Chocolate Project]

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