Tapp Water Filter for Africa

Consuming clean water is important.  I know how important it is for my health to be drinking pure, clean water without the chemicals. I rarely drink tap water for that reason. I actually get stomach aches from fluoridated water.  But there are others that our tap water would be a life safer.

What is even more important is the state of the water in third world countries.  It is sad to think that there are children that have no choice.  They have to drink very dirty water and often get very ill from the bacteria, parasites and sometimes even die.

To learn more about the hardship these children face: http://ehssciencefair.wikispaces.com/Impact+of+New+Technology

Have you seen those programs on television about these children; bring me to tears.  Whenever I think of theses children drinking contaminated water; I want to go to Africa to help in any way I can to provide clean water for them.  What stops me from helping them to have clean water is money.

Then this week I learned of this newly developed water filter.  I do not need one for my home but it certainly would be good when I go camping or to a third world country should that opportunity be available.

The wonderful thing about this filter is that when I bought one this week, a family in a developing country will get one too.  In a small way I am now helping children get clean water. When I first realized this I was in tears because this has been a goal of mine for so long.

To really make this happen I am spreading the word so that many families get these water filters.

To learn more about this new filter and how you can help go to the site:  

 Tapp – a Beautifully Simple and Versatile Water Filter

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