Sunrider Better Than Organic

We all like to eat organic when we can don’t we?

Sometimes people are concerned that the Sunrider Foods do not have an organic label on them!

Check out this video by and you will see that sometimes that organic label doesn’t mean what we think it means.


I am NOT suggesting that all organic is not safe and not better than commercial food.

I am raising the question of WHO do you trust  to certify the safety of your food.


Do you trust a large complicated organization with your health?

Personally I trust Dr. Chen’s almost fanatical approach to the highest quality food  ever.

Sunrider buys their herbs (foods) from carefully selected farms that have been growing without chemicals for generations.

Then they test every batch when it comes  in for possible contamination.

Dr. Chen has also spent millions on machinery that can actually pull out heavy metals traces from the foods.


It’s good to know that we have the highest possible foods with Sunrider.


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