The Green Game

The Green Game

Take a few  minutes each day to spread the word about Living Green, Clean & Lean. Win top daily and monthly honors for yourself or your business.

Green means more health for you, your friends and the planet. We all do what we can but have you ever counted what you do each day or gotten recognition for it?  The Green Game does this for you.

See all the ways you can win below.  Each activity you do towards spreading the word gives you more points.

You can earn  points  by describing your ‘green activities’ on this website, twitter, facebook or You Tube.


Daily: The top 20 earners of points are displayed in real time on the Top Earner page.  We will be broadcasting this page and list on this website, facebook, and twitter each day and our newsletter each week. You will know if you are in the top twenty.

Monthly Winner  Feb 28th.

For every point you earn you will be entered in the final random draw as the King or Queen of Green.  More points mean more chances to win but  even if you start late in the game you still have a chance to win on this honor.

There will also be a final list of the top earners above 500 points. Top ten winners will be chosen from this group to will have their own name displayed (if they wish) plus either their company or website.  This will help your company because top earners will be display each day on our blog. each day on facebook and each day in twitter.


Participate as much as you wish  but don’t send out too many tweets or too many emails. (spam)  We want this to be a friendly competition.  When making comments on this blog, facebook or twitter ect we are depending on your integrity to describe NEW ‘green actions’  you have accomplished.

When you are making comments please don’t use company or product name.  You could for example say ” I just drove my hybrid car to work”  or ” I just eat my breakfast made of herbs grown without chemicals”   Starting this game even the first day has got me thinking more about what I am doing each day.  I’m sure that will have a long term good effect.

Have fun! It’s really thrilling to see your points accumulate.  Diana in testing earned over 600 ‘green’ points with only about 3 minutes activity.   That was more than me so I wanted to do more myself.

How to Enter

You will see below a space for you to enter your email.  Once you have entered this more information will appear to help you through the process. You will get to choose a user-name.  This can be whatever you wish.  You will also receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the contest.  Be sure to confirm so that you are properly entered.  After that it is up to you.

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