10 Health & Personal Goals for 2013

2013… Here I come!  

These are 10 things I wish to improve in 2013. 

Do you have any similar goals?

     1.   Eat more of Diana’s wheat free ginger cake.

     2.    Pray more, Love more.

     3.    Chew more.

     4.    Move more.

     5.    Compute less.

     6.    Breathe more. 

     7.    Master 2 healthy meals/month.

    8.   Take more vacations (WITHOUT business involved).

     9.   Listen to my body more.

    10.  Create systems to help myself and others do all the above.

 I admit… I wrote a similar list several years ago and I had many of the same goals on my list then. Some things cannot be emphasized enough.

I think I did pretty good though.  The only thing that was on my list then that I did NOT  accomplish was to compute less and chew more. I still did a lot better than the average American.  Read  Diana’s article on how long the average American can expect to live. How Long Do You Want To Life.

2012 A Good Year

This past year the thing that helped me adjust my health habits the most  was participating in the Healthy BootCamps.  test

That may sound a little strange since I was teaching portions of them but the parts that Diana was teaching were some strong eye openers and reminders.
I thought for example,  that food combining made things more complicated but by really understanding Diana’s principles  it actually made my food choices more simple.

It was the same  thing with alkaline balancing.  I was so steeped in the knowledge with so many helpful hints from Diana that it is easy to balance meals now. When something is easy it gets done!

 Suggestions For Your Year: 

  • Do check out some of the great recipes on the Real Foods for You site and try them out. Every one of them is extremely healthy. With very few exceptions they are all white sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and vegan. Examples are Lentil Stew, Baked Squash and Lemon Mint Salad Dressing
  •  Do read Diana’s Balance Your Body E-book to learn the ins and outs of Acid/Alkaline Balance.  

  •  Do sign up for one of the Healthy Web BootCamps.     You can change your life in just two days and ensure a great healthy 2013. They combine the focus and success of a gritty marine boot camp but from the comfort of your our home.   Our next BootCamp is the Healthy Weight Loss BootCamp.


Diana has written her own optimistic post for 2013

It looks like a year for goodness and caring!   Check it out at New Possibilities 

 What are some you’re YOUR health or personal goals for 2013? 
Share them in the comment sections below.


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Randy Fritz

A certified Nutritional Consultant, Randy has been teaching health and personal development principles for over 30 years and has personally helped individuals with over 10,000 Body Health Assessments.

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