Are You a Health Nut? Hey, I think I am!

5 personality types about nutrition and health. Where do you stand?
I’ve noticed that different people respond differently to a major part of our lives: what we put in our mouths several times a day. Here is a short list.

Braised Kale is Delicious for Dinner

Kale has a high mineral content of manganese, some iron, calcium, and potassium and some vitamin E. Also it is rich in Vitamin A and C and phytochemicals, including sulforaphane and indoles, which may protect against cancer.


More Greens for You!

Quick, simple to make recipe of greens with a zingy lemon and a little crunch from the sesame seeds.

Diana reveals some of her difficult health story….

Eating Green, Clean and Lean E-book will focus on the 7 principles of health. Principle #1 – Eat Real Whole Food Diana’s health decline began early in life as she was often fed junk food as a child. She only recognized that fact after many years of suffering mysterious health challenges through most of her adult life.


Saskatoons are the Best Berries! A Superfood Berry

Saskatoons are my favourite berry and I go out picking them as soon as they are ripe. I freeze lots of them to last the whole winter. If you cannot pick them; you will often find them in farmer’s markets.

Kabocha Squash Soup

Kabocha Squash Soup is Delicious

This is kabocha squash soup is my favorite vegan soup which I developed a few years ago.  Every time I make it for friends they just love it and so do I!