Mixed Green Salad with Figs

This is a very tasty fig salad with all healthy ingredients.

Mixed Green Fig Salad Recipe Ingredients:


Delicious Figs
Delicious Figs

Figs are the highlight of this fig salad. Fresh juicy exotic figs are delicious and are also superfoods that have been around since 8,000 BC. Dried figs are tasty too and filled with even more nutrients than fresh ones.

The Middle East has thrived on figs and has used them in their cooking and to help heal many health concerns.

“Eat it as it cures various diseases among which are Piles, Gout and Arthritis ~ Abu Darda, companion of Rasulullah

If you can find a source of fresh figs then I suggest using fresh figs as it will make your mixed green salad with figs that much more luxurious. You can find them in supermarkets seasonally and in specialty or ethnic supermarkets sometimes as well.   However, if you can’t find any fresh ones then you can also use dried figs as well.  I like to soak dried figs in water for an hour before I use them to re-hydrate them.


fig salad

Arugula with its aromatic, peppery flavour adds a wonderful dimension to this mixed green fig salad and to your sex life too. It is also known by other names such as salad rocket, garden rocket, roquette, rucola, rugula, or colewort. It is great for cleansing and detoxifying the body as well as reducing inflammation.


Sprouting Nuts and Seeds Is Healthy

Sprouts offer lots of great health benefits including; plant sources of protein, High Energy food, Powerful Minerals, and needed vitamins.  And the best part is that they are easy and inexpensive to make your own.  Learn how to sprout your own nuts and seeds.


Health Benefits Lettuce Superfood
There are many health benefits of lettuce. Also, it has often been called ‘the perfect weight loss food’ and ‘rabbit food’ but it is so much more.

Lettuce has been called ‘the perfect weight loss food’ and ‘rabbit food’ but it is so much more. With amazing healing benefits and 20% protein by calories, it could be called ‘gorilla food’ instead.  It is low in calories and high in fiber and cellulose. It is heart-healthy and has a great ratio of omega-3 fatty acids.  Lettuce is a great alkaline-forming food that is low on the glycemic index.  Green leafy lettuce provides the greens for this fig salad.


fresh raspberries

Raspberries are a red sweet juicy delight to see and eat. They keep your metabolic rate high with high levels of the trace mineral manganese and are one of the top 10 antioxidant-rich fruits. They are high in vitamin c and have more fiber than most fruits and vegetables.  They a little bit of sweetness and tartness to this mixed green fig salad.

Time to make this exotic fig salad.

Mixed Green Salad with Figs

Course Salad
Cuisine gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian
Keyword arugula, figs, lettuce, raspberries, salad, sprouts, Vegan, vegetarian
Author Diana Herrington


  • 1 handful of sprouts
  • 1 handful of arugula
  • 1/2 head leafy green lettuce
  • 3-4 figs
  • few raspberries optional
  • few leaves radicchio


  • Chop the leafy green lettuce.
  • Slice the figs.
  • If you have radicchio, take a few of the leaves and slice them up.
  • Mix all of the salad greens together in a bowl.
  • Top with the raspberries, radicchio, and figs.
  • Serve with my tasty Raspberry salad dressing.


Find out more about the healthy ingredients I used for this fig salad: sprouts, arugula,
lettuce, figsraspberries.

Here is the Raspberry salad dressing I used for this Fig Salad.


Raspberry Salad Dressing

Usually, this raspberry salad dressing is called a `vinaigrette' but it does not have any vinegar in it.  Vinegar is not an ingredient I use as it is so acidic and can be hard on the stomach. I use lemon juice which is healthier,  alkaline-forming and is a nutrient-rich superfood. So I call it 'Raspberry Salad Dressing'. My garden is so abundant with raspberries that I am inspired to get creative in my kitchen.  After developing several raspberry salad dressing recipes, this result became my favourite. Also, I created a few more yummy raspberry recipes, see the links below.
Course salad dressing
Cuisine gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian
Keyword Gluten-free, olive oil, raspberries, salad dressing, Vegan, vegetarian
Author Diana Herrington


  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 1/8 cup lemon juice
  • 1 cup raspberries
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 12 drops light liquid stevia to taste
  • 1/8 tsp Himalayan salt


  • Blend all of the ingredients in a blender.  
  • Pour into a salad dressing bottle or glass jar.
  • Refrigerate, the dressing will last from 2 to 3 weeks.


Raspberries are tart even when they are very ripe; so you may find that you want to add less lemon juice and or a little more stevia.

I use only healthy ingredients for all of my salad dressings: Olive oil, lemon, raspberries, water, Stevia, Himalayan Salt.

Have you heard of the olive oil fraud?

 Find out Which Olive Oil to Buy.

I hope you enjoyed this fig salad.


Here are more tasty fig recipes:

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