Inside-Out Healing: A Positive Review

inside out healing by richard moss

I just read Inside-Out Healing, Transforming Your Life Through the Power Of Presence by Richard Moss and I loved it!

 In this elegantly written prescription for health, world-renowned consciousness teacher and healer, teaches you how to explore the power of presence in your life and thus avert the troubles we create for ourselves on a daily and moment to moment basis.

 The introduction promises the book will help you:

  • Build a solid foundation for healing in all parts of your life
  • Increase energy, creativity, productivity, and flow
  • Become more available and more connected with yourself and others
  • Experience more richness, gratitude and fullness in your life and relationships

Two Mistakes Most People Make

Moss believes that most of our suffering in life is caused by two mistakes.

 1. We identify with our thoughts. This identification creates destructive emotions like fear, anger and judgment.  Many emotions are either difficult to deal with or trouble when we act them out.   

2.  We then also confuse emotions with feeling. Feeling are what connects us to life.  Because we can’t deal with emotions properly we then distance or ignore feelings also and thus distance ourselves from the joy of life and vibrant health.  

He Seems to Know This Field Better Than Most

30 years ago Richard, then a medical doctor, had an awakening experience in which he complexly lost his identity with his normal ego driven self.  This realization, similar to that experienced by teachers such as Eckhart Tolle or Byron Katie, gave him a profound and radical perspective on our inner experiences.
What Richard did that was different, and why I like his style, was, instead of setting himself up as a guru, sitting on stage and giving impersonal advise from on high,  Richard became radically compassionate,  passionate and empathic.  He consciously decided to identify with his humanity and try to help others with their own human problems.

You can get a sense of where he comes from in the first 20 minutes of this lecture.

He has written several books but Inside Out Healing is easily the best and most practical.  I have included links for Amazon below. 



For Us Orders  For Canadian Orders


This second video includes an interview on Consciousness TV. 
The person interviewing him was very interested in Mr. Moss’s awakening experience so they deal extensively with that. 

I added this video also for the last ten minutes. At the 53 minute  mark, Richard talks you through a mediation of  how to deal with an intense emotion.  This might give you taste of his approach.


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