I Am Seeing More – Poem

I Am Seeing More

 I am seeing more and more
As each and every day passes
And learning to be present
In each and every moment.

As I quietly listen, I am guided
Slowly to take the next step.

The truth of existence expands.
It is leading me to understand
Why I am here, why we are here.

The truth is that love is our guide
For nourishment and prosperity.
Without it there is no joy.
In fact there is a deep void.

I am loving you whoever you are
And ALL that exists always.


Cc Diana Herrington – September 2, 2015

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1 thought on “I Am Seeing More – Poem”

  1. Though simple grammar but it really portrays the reasons for our existence and the need to pursue these elements in the guidance of love. Nice work swthrt

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