How to Use Cornstarch in Your Home – not for cooking

Cooking with cornstarch is not, in my opinion, a good idea.

Cornstarch is very highly processed carbohydrate with no protein, vitamins or minerals. It is made from the tiny white endosperm at the center of a corn kernel. The corn kernels are processed so all of the outside shells removed. This endosperm is ground up into a fine white powder, now it is what we call cornstarch. Think about the other white foods out there like white rice, white flour, and white sugar, all highly processed too with no health benefits and fattening!

14 great ways to use that highly processed cornstarch which I found on Reader’s Digest.

  1. Soak up furniture polish residue
  2. Remove ink stains from carpet
  3. Give carpets a fresh scent
  4. Make your own paste
  5. Make finger paints
  6. Clean stuffed animals
  7. Lift a scorch mark from clothing
  8. Remove grease spatters from walls
  9. Get rid of bloodstains
  10. Polish silver
  11. Make windows sparkle
  12. Say good riddance to roaches
  13. Dry shampoo your dog
  14. Untangle knots

For full details go to: Reader’s Digest

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