Welcome to the Healthy Gluten Free Baking Course

Thanks for registering for the upcoming Healthy Gluten Free Baking Course. 

We know you are going to love it!

This course was originally taught over ONE WEEKEND.  We called it a Health Baking BootCamp.  You don’t have to do all your baking over the weekend but the recorded videos reference this kind of time frame.

You can bake these recipes on your own schedule, but it will be easiest if you follow the sequence as presented in the training videos.

Before the you begin baking:

  1. Baking Shopping List and Recipes: Healthy Baking Shopping list with Mince Pie included and Health Baking Shopping List – Mince Pie Separated.
  2. Make Mince pie filling recipe: so it can sit till the BootCamp: Mince Pie Filling PDF
  3. Eating Shopping List and Recipes. This is so you can eat healthy while you are baking:  Eating Recipes and Shopping List    List of all Baking Recipe Names & Ingredients

For the Course:

1. Complete Recipes For Weekend: click here: Gluten Free Healthy Baking Recipes

2. Schedule for Friday and Saturday: click here: Schedule for Friday and Saturday.

3. Schedule for Sunday: click here: Schedule for Sunday (Day Three)

3. Watch videos below

Note: We noticed that acrobat reader which opens PDF’s has been updated recently and some browser’s – particularly Windows Explorer -have trouble opening up PDF links. You may have to update your browser add on, or save the file to your computer by right clicking on the link and then by clicking ‘save target as’ or ‘save file as’.

 Recording of Day One Conference Call

How to Prepare Your Coconut Sugar For Fine Gluten Free Baking

How to Prepare Flax Meal From Golden Flax Seeds



  Day Two Conference Call


Explanation of how to role and make gluten free flour tarts.


Day Three Conference Call:


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  • Hi – was still baking on Mon. The pastry rolled out fine and the tarts are good. Made a few mistakes. The Apricot Coconut Balls wouldn’t stick together so added a little white rice flour. Haven’t tasted the Cranberry Ginger Bars but Iám sure they will taste very gingeree as I used minced ginger (should have only used 1/8 cup) instead of grated. Was that to be ginger root? Going out to-day to get golden flax before I make anything else. Can I freeze this baking or how long will it last without? I have to keep hiding it- mostly on Frank.

    • June, apologies for the late reply. I am sure they have all be eaten by now.
      The Apricot Coconut Balls do hold together with the right ratio of ingredients; I would not put white rice flour in them as this is a raw recipe.
      Ginger root was to be used grated and you can according to my recipe use more or less.
      All the raw balls can be frozen and the Cranberry Bars too. The rest will last a few weeks out of the fridge and 2 months in the fridge.

  • The first two videos showing for me, are the same. Both on flax meal. The first is labeled above, as “preparing coconut sugar.” How do I get to view that video? Thanks for your help.