Healthy Weight Loss Webinar

Healthy Weight Loss Webinar 

Healthy Weight Loss Is Permanent and Simple

We had 107 registrants for the original webinar and they loved it!

This is what they learned:

  1. How to eat so nourishing that cravings disappear.
  2. Why almost all diets don’t work and how to fix that.
  3. How to eat less carbs and sugar but still feel full!
  4. How to shift from an acidic body that holds onto fat to a balanced body that burns fat.
  5. How to get more nourishment from your meals no matter what your choices are.


Healthy Weight Loss

 These were the concerns of webinar participants: We tried to address them all.

  • “I have tried (dieting) too many times to count but have only been successful a couple times.”
  • “I’m 48 now so probably (dieted) around 30 –  35 times.”
  • “I am walking …but am not able to shed any weight.”
  • “I have done a yeast cleanse in the past year.  Only lasted 2 out of the 4 weeks.”

These were some more challenges and health goals:

  • “I have Fibromyalgia, food intolerances.”
  • “At age 60, I am 5 – 10 lbs. over what I feel most comfortable being at, and can’t seem to keep that little bit off for good.”
  • “Hoping for better focus,  more energy,  better self-esteem.”
  • “My biggest challenge is myself and getting motivated.”
  • “I have celiac disease and a lot of IBS.”

Healthy weight loss CAN BE permanent and simple because you don’t focus on counting calories or starving yourself but rather apply a few simple but powerful health principles.

Once you can properly apply these principles, getting healthy and fit is so much easier!

Be sure to watch.

Make sure you watch near the end where we reveal an exciting announcement only to webinar registrants.

These are some links and important information mentioned in the webinar:

  1. Powerfoods: Everyday foods probably in your kitchen right now.
  2. Vital Health Assessment:  For discovering what exact foods and supplements are good for your body
  3. Acid/alkaline Balance: Dangers of an Acid Body
  4. Food combining: How eating simply can help your digestion and weight loss
  5. Late Summer 2-5-30 Healthy Diet Special advanced course pricing for webinar participants:

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me:

To your health and wellness,
Diana Herrington

Real Food For Life]

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