Welcome to Fall Diet, Detox, and Strengthen 2-5-30 Course

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Congratulations for taking
a big step in your health!

This set of Four 2-Day Diets will give your body a powerful boost and change your eating habits forever.

On this page, we list your shopping lists, menus, and recipes for each week.

There are also the recorded training calls plus the bonus video pieces of training below.

We will send you emails when anything new is posted on this page.  To receive these emails, please enter your name and email address at the form located at the bottom of this page.

Fall 2-5-30 Schedule

Most people decide to do the 2 day cleanse on four consecutive weekends. When you listen to the videos, we will be talking to people who have done this.

However, you can pick your 2 days during the week to fit your schedule.  Also,  if you miss a weekend you can just make the course longer than four weeks – whatever fits your needs.

LISTEN TO THE VIDEOS IN SEQUENCE, and all the information will be presented to you as you need it.

You will use a new shopping list and menu for weeks ONE and THREE.  Weeks two and four use the same shopping list and menu with slight variations to make it easier for you.

Week One

Shopping list:  Fall 2 5 30 Healthy Diet Shopping List

Menu: Fall 2 5 30 Healthy Diet Menu Week One

Recipes: Recipes Fall 2-5-30 Healthy Diet Week One

Food and Activity Diary:  Food & Activity Diary

Video Training

Week One Training

Food Combining Training:

Call Two Training


Call Three Training

Week Three

Call Four: Training Intro to Week Three

Week Three Shopping List: Shopping List for Week 3 Fall 2-5-30 Diet

Week Three Menu:  Fall 2 5 30 Healthy Diet Menu Week 3

Week Three recipes:  All Recipes Week Three – Fall 2-5-30 Diet 

 Treat Recipe added to the menu: Walnut Dark Chocolate Bar

 Call Five Training:

 Handout of Exercises: Six Exercises For This Course

Call Six Training

Wishing you a wonderful healthy life always.
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  1. Hi was going to start wk 3 to-morrow as can’t do it Sun. but I can’t find the recipes for the 3rd wk. Did I miss the e-mail?

  2. I also notice that I’m not receiving any notifications when comments are made here. In the first series, I received a notification every time someone made a comment.

  3. I can’t wait to get started tomorrow. The recipes looks so delicious! Thank you Diana for putting all these recipes together, so all I have to do is shop, fix and eat!! I love it!

  4. Well I finished the 3rd wk. (my lst wk. actually) and loved everything especially the crunchy salad. I share all the dishes with my husband and was glad he didn’t take too much salad so I could have the rest. I always feel a little sluggish after a holiday so felt great to be detoxing with energy and dropping a lb. or two. Also enjoyed the 2 ginger teas as I like something warm to drink before bed. The smoothie was a nice change and very filling. It made the morning a little easier with not having to make another breakfast. I hope to do another 2 days on Thur. & Fri. as busy on Sat. & Sun. and then the first 2 wks. that I missed on the following wk. Loving it but lots of work the 1st day getting all the veggies ready. I don’t know how you do it Diana you are a very organized and dedicated person. Thanks once again.

  5. My favorite recipe is the lentil soup as I love the taste of the yummy seasoning combination. This recipe is a keeper! Yes Diana, you have convinced me to eat lentils!
    I made the recipe you sent me for the Adzuki Vegetable Bean Stew and served it as a side dish with supper last evening. My husband, I and our friends all enjoyed the Adzuki stew!
    Thank you for all your dedication to making delicious, nutritious, gluten free recipes!

  6. Happy to hear that you are sharing with your husband June and that he did not eat too much of the crunchy salad. :)

    Doreen, I am very very happy to hear that you like the lentil soup so much especially since you thought you were too sensitive to lentils and could not eat them.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the call tonight!

  7. !. My favorite meal is steamed vegetables with buckwheat and millet.
    2. The hardest part of the plan for me is fitting everything in. That is a great problem to have! Usually, most eating plans are very restrictive. I never felt weak or tired!
    3. I have lost another 5 pounds!
    4. I really feel like I am healthier then I was 4 weeks ago. This plan has started me back on the road to good health, and I am very grateful!
    5. The only food I had a hard time with were the beets. I just don’t care for them.
    6. I have learned that I can eat fruit without feeling guilty. You just have to know when to eat it and now I know!

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