E-Book Survey Questions and Results

What is YOUR Main Health Challenge?

Survey Questions: 

We are VERY close to finishing the first of our long awaited e-book in our series 'Eating Green, Clean and Lean' with Real Food information and recipes.

We will be releasing it soon, but before we do we need to ask you a couple of questions if you haven't already done so.
Would you help us out?
You can answer the questions here, (and get a little more information on the e-book) by following this link:  E-Book Survey

Survey Results: (one day later)

We are appreciating all the responses we have received so far from the survey.  Thank you all. They were both informative and heart warming. One kind person even corrected my spewwing spelling!
Below are the results to the first question. It summarizes the responses from just from a few hours after we sent the survey out. We will be updating this as we get more responses.
Time seems to be one of the most obvious problems with eating better.
Just so you know – ALL the recipes in our e-book are meant to be simple and fast but Diana is going to review them – just to be sure.

"I wish I had the time, recipe skills and knew the principles of healthy eating that I now have when I was managing a large business in London, England 25 years ago.  In my busy-ness I did not take the time to cook for myself or eat well.  My whole life crashed. It took me 10 years to get my health back."  Diana

Being PREPARED is an issue Diana will be dealing with more fully in our second e-book.  It will be more like a cooking boot-camp but this first one will prepare the way

Is this your biggest roadblock to eating better?  You can leave your comments below.  Below is also the results to the second question…..

Again the responses are very interesting.  We put in the "Reading Real Food posts" choice – as a joke but as you can see many people thought it was important. It's great to know this info is making a difference!
We also had a lot of 'other' comments. They ranged from eating garden and local fresh produce to eating concentrated herbal foods. I liked this one.
I am none of these, but want to be!
We will be reviewing the complete list later.  We wanted to also thank everyone also for supplying testimonials.  Here is one of the quick one's…
Since I met Diana, my eating habits and overall life style
is on a big turnaround. I am sure there are many more
people like myself who need to learn about eating
right and healthy. Thank you Diana and Randy.

Our plan is to be releasing the e-book by Monday. We will be working hard! Be watching for our e-mail.
If you want to get that email and are not yet one our mailing list please opt in below. You will also receive our weekly health news and recipes. 

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