Personalized Coaching

What would your life be like…

if you ate healthy…


What would your life be like:

  • If you regained your vitality?
  • If you do achieve and maintain your ideal weight?
  • If you were no longer obsessed with food.

Are you confused about all the nutrition information you hear:

•    and how to discover what is the right eating plan for you?
•    and how to find out which cleansing strategies, vitamins and minerals for you?

Receive the Support you need from a Real Food for Life Coach who’s been where you are now.

3 Step Process to Achieving your Goals

1.    Assessment  
A. Personal interview.
B.  Vital Assessment testing your body’s strengths, weaknesses and nutritional requirements.
C.  Coaching session reviewing results of Analysis.

2.    Guidance
Receive a personalized eating plan that will address your unique requirements.

3.    Support
Complete your initial requirements and you’ll be provided with your next strategic step.

“Diana is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the area of health and wellness. She has helped myself and family members reverse health issues that had medical doctors baffled. As a result I am able to live a happier, more energetic and pain free life!” Mindy Gudzinski

“I am amazed that I am eating mostly fruit and vegetables and feel much healthier and balanced. Since working with Diana, my whole diet has changed.  When I first came to her I was eating half meat and the rest was starches and sugary foods.”  George T

Choose From:

Bronze 1 month Program:

  • 1/2 hour interview.
  • 4 X 30 minute Coaching Sessions.
  • 1 Vital Assessment.

$199 for one month.

Silver 3 Month Program:

  • 3 Step Process
  • 12 X 30 minute Coaching Sessions (3 of these can be combined for a hands on cooking session or shopping session.
  • 1 Vital Assessment with Food Sensitivity Test.

$160 per month

Gold Program 6 month commitment:

  • 3 Step Process
  • 24 X 30 Coaching Sessions.
  • 1 Vital Assessments with Food Sensitivity Test.
  • Second Vital Assessment at the end of three months.
  • Kitchen Purge

$140 per month

Kitchen Purge: Purging all unhealthy food and utensils. $99 + extras.

Vital Assessment:  using your hair tests your body systems and diet for information about where your energy is going. Cost: $59

Vital Assessment with Food Sensitivity Test: Also test 140 foods to determine which are challenging or energizing for your body. Cost: $149

Money Back Guarantee

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