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Before the Course:

Schedule Your Course Days:
You get to decide WHEN your day one works best for you, but most people find it best to do the training over a weekend so they do the Day One on a Friday. For this reason, you might find the videos referring to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  You can interpret this as Day One, Day Two and Day Three.

BootCamp or Course?  Sometimes you will see this course referred to as a BootCamp. Some people like the implications of a Bootcamp but some do not so we are slowly removing that name.  We have not done so on the videos and certain handouts.

Food and Activity Log:

Fill it out for at least two days before the course starts.  You don’t have to do anything with what you write down other than being aware. We will talk more about it in the conference calls.

We want you to begin to learn about your eating patterns. The best way to do this is to keep a food diary.

Keeping a food diary will help you see the areas where you can make changes that will help you lose weight.  Start at least 3 days before you schedule your BootCamp.  Click on the link to open and download or print.

Food & Activity Diary

Shopping List click on the link to open and save to your computer.  Print out for shopping.

Alkalize Your Body BootCamp Shopping List

For the BootCamp/Course:

Day One:

Alkalize Your Body Menu

How to Test Urine pH Balance

Chart Acid-alkaline from Mini-ebook

Listen to the audio or watch the video recording below: 

Day Two

Day Three


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14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Alkalize Your Body Course”

  1. Hey Randy: I’m not sure what I just opted in for here. It seems like your inviting boot camp participants to opt in for boot camp related updates, but when I pressed ‘tab’ to enter my email address (as is my keyboarding habit), it jumped over to the ‘free report’ entry boxes.

    Thought you might like to know.


  2. Hi – Hope I can do this as I can’t eat too many raw veggies. Maybe I can steam them. I guess I should wait til I get the recipes. Would love to beable to juice, but alass no juicer. I have some stomach issues so looking forward to this as it may help.

  3. okay, another question (then i’m heading to bed!… well, i’m going to watch engine 2 diet again… just saw parts of it last nite.

    so every morning i have a few cups of organic green tea. is this something i should not drink while following this diet this weekend?

    also what kind of miso… i know there are a lot of different kinds… the dark, light, ?

    i know whole foods, near me carries about 4 different small pints of it.

    don’t know if i can find apricots. and probably not organic. also not sure where to get raw almonds. I have heard you can’t get them anywhere, b/c of some illness people got?? even if you look on the bag of raw almonds at whole foods… it says something that implies heat, not sure if pasteurized or steamed?? don’t have a bag to check.

    i guess i’ll have other questions… thanks!

  4. Hey Randy and Diana,
    Is this where you’ll be posting the recorded calls? When I clicked the link this is where it brought me…
    Unfortunately I’m working all weekend so I may not catch all of the calls live but will listen to the recordings while I’m at my desk! If you could let me know where to find them that would be much appreciated!

  5. Hi Mindy!
    Great to see you here. You have arrived at the right location. Sorry you won’t be able to join in live. The recording from tonights call is now up; see above. The video will soon be up; it takes a long time to upload.
    Do report back with how it is for you and feel free to ask questions here.

  6. Sorry I did not see all your questions here till just now. I will keep up to date from them from now on.

    June, how is the menu for you in terms of raw? Please let me know how happy your stomach is about the menu.

    Michelle, for this weekend leave out the green tea.
    When it comes to miso buy the type you would most enjoy. I prefer a light one. Go to the link about miso and see which suits you.
    It’ll be fine to have a few inorganic apricots but if you would like to use another fruit that you can find organic that will be ok too.

  7. Hi Diana, I click on “sign up” but nothing happens.
    Other: I don´t be sure to find raw almonds; raw pumpkin seeds; kale; millet; Nori and/or dulse seeweed in Costa Rica. In case I can´t find them, there are some substitutes to use?

    Probably I need to opt for the recordings because I work part time the weekend, and I´m not clear completly if I will recieve the links for the audios in my email.

    Thank you !!

  8. Good morning Diana, how can I acces to the links: to see how to sprouting; why you need to drink warm water and the menu . I watched the recording, but I don´t know where I can get the links.

    Thanks again

  9. Anabella, sorry the link was not working but it is now.
    You will get all the links through the emails you are about to get.
    If you cannot get seaweed of any type that is ok. Use some of your favorite fresh herbs instead.
    No pumpkin seeds, then leave them out.

  10. Diana…Agave nectar was not listed on your acid/alkaline food chart. I’ve seen it listed in several recipes lately as a non-sugar substitute. Please share your pros/cons about this on our conference call Sunday night. Also, where would it fall on the A/A food chart?

    As for feeling food-deprived on the alkaline menu this weekend, quite the opposite. I felt really full at the end of the day Saturday.

    Is there something I could use in the Miso sauce in place of the tahini? I have many grain sensitivities, sesame seeds being one.

    Thanks so very much for this informative, alkaline-eating program.

  11. Anabelle, did you find all the links within the menu your received? https://www.realfoodforlife.com/water-in-the-morning where is it says:
    Drink warm or hot water as it is gentler on the empty stomach.

    Linda, sorry agave nectar was not on the list; it is low acid forming and I would not reccommend it this weekend. Since you cannot do sesame seeds, use almond butter.

  12. Hi Diana – Iám doing fine with all the veggies except my Kale smoothie this morning. The 2 leaves were too much, too thick & too chewy. Yesterday lunch was to die for. It tasted soo good and felt so good. I have no pain in my temple which I take meds for but was still getting the pain once in awhile. Something I was eating or taking before maybe was the cause – interesting – I shall have to pay attention next week. Thanks for everything. Talk to nite.

  13. Hi June, yes kale needs to be blended very well. I will put it in the blender first with fruit on top and just a little water and blend and blend till it is smooth. You can just stay with the other greens which are less strong tasting. Good to experiment and good for you trying it.
    Yes I love that lunch too! See you tonight.

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