Welcome to the Healthy Lean You BootCamp

Welcome to the Healthy Lean You BootCamp

Using Food Combining and Acid/Alkaline Balance to Lose Weight and Regenerate!



Are you ready to get REAL healthy and lose some weight?

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Below You Will Find:

  1. Shopping list, menus and other handouts
  2. Conference Calls

1.   Shopping List, Menus and Handouts

Open the pdf by clicking on the link.  You can download it by right clicking and choosing ‘save as’ or ‘save file’.

a. Shopping list (several days before your BootCamp)  Alkalize Your Body Shopping List

b. Food and activity log (several days before your BootCamp)  RealFoodforLifeFood Activity Log

c.  Day Two (Saturday)   recipes: Weight Loss BootCamp Recipes Saturday complete

d.  Day Three recipes (Sunday):  Recipes and Menu for Sunday

2.   Conference Calls:

Day One: (the day before you start your new recipes)

http://youtu.be/rciGtRW2Aqc   Note: these videos are for BootCamper members only.
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Day Two:  Your first real day on the BootCamp


Day Three:  Your final day on the specific recipes


Day Two  slidesSunday Wt Loss BootCamp information send out

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  1. HI Diana,

    I am registered for the boot camp weekend and I was looking on the list of ingredients and it has under proteins – tofu , I am allergic to soy and so I can’t use this product . I am also a Vegan and so eggs or fish is not an option for me either. Any suggestions what to use instead? Thanks.


  2. Hi Cathy,
    I certainly understand. For a long time I could not eat soy either; I am happy to say I can now.
    Are you able to use nuts and seeds? And how about beans and lentils? Let me know and I will send you something special.

  3. Janet, the recorded video link will be right here on this page within 1 hour of the class. The audio only will take up to 3 hours.
    Be great if you could make it to one of the live classes. Guess long distance is expensive.

    Kristy, hmmm not sure what is happening. I was able to download it right now. You will also have received the shopping list by email. Happy shopping.

  4. Thank you for the list! When do we find out how we are supposed to prepare all these foods? I may not be able to take part in the call on Friday night as our two boys have activities at that exact time!

  5. What is your opinion of the Wheat Belly book and its assertion that the biggest health challenge for us is modern wheat that causes so many different health issues and is so radically different from wheat from 1950 and earlier? As well that the core issue is really wearing out our body with excessive blood sugar/insulin swings and that gluten free “flours” like rice starch, potato starch etc. also cause issues because although they are better than modern wheat flour that they still have such a high enough Gly. Index to still cause issues?

  6. Is McCormick’s Marjoram Leaves the same as Sweet Marjoram from your shopping list?
    I also assume Sultanas are short for Sultana raisons, correct?
    Lastly Camrose does not have almond oil….so what is 2nd best for high temp oil?

  7. Further to the Wheat Belly strict portion control on more than a couple or three slices of apple or sections of orange at one time to avoid a blood sugar/insulin swing….do you disagree or is there a strategy of having some protein with fruit to mitigate the swing?

  8. I am currently exploring getting a serious blender for healthy eating/juicing…is the Vita-mix the best?
    What are your thoughts on sprouting and eating the sprouts through out the winter…do you recommend a sprouter and/or which seeds are best to be sprouting?
    Any thoughts on a food dryer for creating healthy snacks?

  9. Dale,
    Wheat Belly, will say more later as I want to answer the urgent stuff first.
    For oils the next best options are sunflower, sesame or safflower. Marjoram sounds good. Sultana raisins are right.

    In relation to a blender, I think I have found something better in terms of being less expensive; I need to do a little more research. Food dryers are great if you have the time to work with it.
    Sprouting is easy, you do not need fancy equipment to do it. We will be sharing info about that later.

  10. Good morning! I have looked for the video that we need to watch, but cant seem to find it anywhere. Please help? :)
    Thank you!

  11. For juicing lemons, I use a pampered chef juice press where the lemon is squished between the two halves of the device…and so I must be getting some of the juice/liquid that comes from the lemon skin itself…is there any concern about getting lemon skin juice along with the internal lemon juice (I have used a good veggie rinse)?

  12. When you say drink a glass of water in between things, can a person drink the lemon water or does it half to be the plain water every time? Also is it ok add even more water to lemon water (ie after drinking half of my liter bottle of water I often refill the bottle so that I still have a taste of lemon (even if it is more faint) in the water that I drink.

  13. Can you recommend a water filter/system that produces good water from tap water or is it better to get big bottles of spring water from the local supplier?

  14. I haven’t found any raw nuts in Camrose…so I normally buy from ranchovignola.com

    For the almonds raw, supreme they say:
    Country of origin: USA Case size: 25 lb No added ingredients. From California

    A Note About Almond Pasteurization:
    All almonds originating in the United States and sold in North America must now undergo some form of pasteurization. That being said, the almonds we sell as raw (processed by our trusted long-time almond supplier) have been subjected to only a light surface pasteurization (a steam process done under vacuum), preserving flavour, texture, and most importantly, nutritional integrity.

    SO is it ok to buy these less expensive (lightly pasteurized) almonds or do I have to buy the more expensive ones from Australia that are completely unpasteurized?

  15. almond butter, is the Superstore president’s choice Just Almonds Crunchy which uses dry roasted almonds…ok? (it is a lot cheaper than others)

    They also have a MaraNatha natural almond butter made from “raw almonds” …is that ok especially considering your comments on either soaking raw or roasting as the healthy way to eat nuts?

  16. do you have a bagel recipe that is wheat-free/gluten-free that we can cook at home for our special needs son who is addicted to bagels?

  17. Thanks Diana and Randy! The information you have shared has been wonderful and the meals are so easy and delicious! I love that for an entire weekend someone has gone to all the planning for me and all I have to do is just cook it. I struggle with coming up with new meal ideas everyday. I would love to have a weekly or even monthly meal plan. I know I would waste so much less groceries. I often grab things thinking it looks good or I should make something with that this week and then never do and end up throwing out so many good fruits and veggies. As a mother of two active young boys convenience is important as we are often on the go for hockey, intruments, swimming, etc.

    Thanks so much!

  18. Dale, I believe I answered your question about lemon water in the class. It is fine to drink it during the day and it would be best if occassionally you simply had a glass of water and used the lemon water as an extra.
    We have found a great water filter and will tell you about it on Sunday.
    I would not buy the pastuerized almonds. You can get unpastuerized almonds at many grocery stores these days organic and not organic.
    Almond butter I would go with a roasted one not raw as we do not know how they processed them. I prefer crunchy but I know Randy perfers smooth. Go with which one you would most enjoy. And yes go with the economical one.
    Gluten free bagels are not developed by me yet….but now you have inspired me.

  19. Hello!

    I am a night owl so I got up quite late today (4:00pm). I watched the video for today just now. I actually had a few small questions about the recipes from today (Saturday).

    1) Can I snack between meals if I’m eating one or two of the afternoon snack ingredients, or should I really eat more of the snack at one time to avoid continuous snacking throughout the day (like one carrot, and then an then an hour later some radishes, etc)? (Even if it is the same amount of ingredients.) And what about snacking on nuts and seeds. Should they generally be reserved for the meals?

    2) I found tamari powder at an asian market, but it has MSG in it, so I’m hesitant to use it (although maybe it’s ok in little doses?) I also found it a little strong for my taste, but I can try using a little less next time. Maybe I’m supposed to dilute it before using it. I live in the States, so besides Braggs, what else would be possible to use? Soy sauce?

    3) I have not been able to find Almond oil here (maybe because of the whole US-almond thing?), so I was wondering what the better oil to cook with would be. I found something that says coconut oil, but it’s not in liquid form, (it’s like a solid of fat which melts pretty quickly) but it’s not sweet tasting or anything. It just tastes like oil. Any suggestions?

    Thank you! I’m looking forward to the webinar tomorrow!


  20. Further on oil, like Hillary almond oil is not around and I got your previous message about sunflower, sesame and safflower BUT am curious about walnut oil as a couple of places have it and it according to a label can handle a higher heat than sesame.

    Finally, I was using only half of a farmers market monster zucchini and a huge carrot for the Sat lunch (that we ended eating for supper) veggie stir fry and I ended up with enough stir fry to feed about 4 people or so (and had to cook and stir a lot longer to get all the veggies at least a little bit softer); so could you put in approx a cup of this and approx 2 cups of that (along with the 1 zucchini kind of thing) into your recipes so that I could taste what you proportionally intended the recipe to taste like. Regardless it is a hit recipe here with both Keysha and I and we thank you very much for the new good and healthy recipe.

  21. Hello Hillary
    1) It is best to snack as suggested in the menu and yes avoid continuous snacking throughout the day. This helps with the food combining. Same goes for snacking on nuts and seeds; you could eat them as a snack with other foods as I put in the menu.
    2) Tamari powder with MSG does not sound good, you are right to be hesitant to use it. Tamari is liquid and I always get is without any additives. Braggs or Soy sauce (without additives) are good substitutes.
    3) As an alternative to Almond oil, the next best options are sunflower, sesame or safflower.

  22. Dale, walnut oil is marginally ok. The very best is avocado oil with a high somoke point of 520 which I did not mention because not only is it dificult to find it is expensive when you do. Other options are ghee or clarified butter and soybean oil.

    Well Dale I did not say monstor zucchini or even half of one! :) I did say large. We don’t have to be totally exact when it comes to vegetables but I will try to say how big a veg is suppose to be and keep in mind the cup measurements. My hope is that you will experiment till you get it exactly the way you enjoy it. Some people like more almond butter, some like less, some like more zucchini and some like less. It is all about suiting your taste. Happy to hear it still was a hit for dinner last night.

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