Acid Alkaline Diet BootCamp for Weight Loss & Balance

acid alkaline Diet BootCamp

You have probably have heard of the benefits of an ‘Alkaline Diet’ and ‘Food Combining’ such as weight loss and a balanced healthy body.

This BootCamp will help you achieve those goals with emphasis on:

  • Knowing how to prepare and stay on a acid-alkaline balanced diet.
  • How to use food combining to boost your digestion to get the most out of your foods.
  • This will turbo charge your weight loss efforts.
  • Your energy levels will be increased.

Benefits of the Acid Alkalize BootCamp for Weight Loss & Balance:

  • Youthful more elastic skin
  • Deeper more restful sleep
  • Abundant physical energy
  • Suffer from fewer colds, headaches, flu viruses
  • Good digestion
  • Less arthritis
  • Reduction of candida (yeast) overgrowth
  • Won’t support osteoporosis
  • Increased mental acuity, mental alertness
  • Legal natural high

Nutritional abundance rather than starvation is what is on for this BootCamp!

What this BootCamp is about and not about:

  • It is not about eating or drinking only one thing.
  • You will be giving your body more nutrition; more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats.
  • Your body will thank you for being completely hydrated.
  • You will not be fasting.
  • The food you will be eating a totally balanced acid/alkaline diet to balance out your very acid body.
  • All of the meals will be balance with the ‘Food Combining’ principle.
  • You will not be starving your body into cleansing everything in the hope that all the toxins will come out too.
  • You will be giving your body what it needs to Repair, Replenish and Regenerate.
  • The whole weekend of simple to make meals will be planned for you.
  • All recipes will be included so it will be super easy to prepare all of your meals.
  • You will in the comfort of your home be creating new healthy habits.


This weekend will alkalize and balance your body over the weekend but just as important, will give you the confidence and knowledge to easily maintain an alkaline balanced body.

What’s Going to Happen:

This course is designed to be done on a weekend.  Starting Saturday you will eat a specialized diet for 2 days with acid-alkaline food using food combining principles.

There will be several calls so you can know exactly what to do.

How Does it Work:

  • Register below we will be sending your special instruction.
  • As soon as you register we will be sending you a shopping list of foods that you must have purchased by Friday night if you are planning to do this on the weekend.


This is a great way to assist in bring back balance to a body that is too acidic and especially bringing back the correct pH balance. In my experience almost every one is too acidic.

This diet will include alkaline and acid forming foods in the correct quantities. This is a perfect way to do this naturally without supplements.

It is not expensive! You will probably same money by not eating fast food or junk food which is highly acid forming for your dear sweet body. Let’s take care of it.

This will Be Fun: Check out our other BootCamps at Healthy Weekend BootCamps or register below to reserve your spot.

Call Schedule: All the calls have been recorded so you will be able to listen to the audio recording at your own convenience.


Normally BootCamps cost hundred of dollars and take a tremendous investment of time.

Due to our web format we can offer these for only $59.00 with just a few hours of your time.

For our regular readers the price is  $29.00

For our brand new readers there is a one time price of $19.00.

We know this is the perfect way to get to know us and get the full benefits of the site knowledge.

Register by Clicking on the Buy Now Button Below.

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