Welcome to the Late Summer 2-Days-A-Week Healthy Diet

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Congratulations for taking a big step in your health.

This set of Four 2-Day Diets will  give your body a powerful boost and change your eating habits forever.

Late Summer 2-5-30 Schedule: 

Most people decide to do the 2 day cleanse on four consecutive weekends. When you listen to the videos, we will be talking to people who have done this.

However, you can pick your 2 days during the week to fit your schedule.  Also,  if you miss a weekend you can just make the course longer than four weeks – whatever fits your needs.

LISTEN TO THE VIDEOS IN SEQUENCE, and all the information will be presented to you as you need it.

You will use a new shopping list and menu for weeks ONE and THREE.  Weeks two and four use the same shopping list and menu with slight variations to make it easier for you.

Week One Downloads: right click and save to your computer.

Week One shopping list: Shopping List for Week One

Week One Menu: Week-1 and 2-Menu-and-Schedule

Week One Recipes: All Recipes Week 1

Week One: First Recorded Live Training: Beginning orientation:


 Acid/ alkaline training

Food and Activity Diary:  Food & Activity Diary

Second Recorded Live Training:  End of first two day ‘diet’ and suggestions for five days.


 Week Two

Third Recorded Live Training:  Review of possible changes to your menu plus addition of new powerful breathing technique.


 Week Three

Week Three and Four Shopping list:  Balance Your Body Shopping List-Wk 3

Week Three and Four Recipes: All recipes Week 3 and 4

Week Three and Four Menu:  Week 3 & 4 Menu and Schedule 2-5-30 Diet

Fourth Recorded Live Training: Introduction to last two weeks with new menu and recipes.

Food Combining Training:

 Week Four

Final Training 

All information on the training will be posted on this page.

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  1. I was not able to find all of the groceries as they are not available to me in my close area. The sesame butter, miso, and dulse seaweed flakes. The webinar on Wednesday Sept 18 at 6:00 p.m. does not work for me as I am still at work so I missed out on that. I hope that it is recorded somewhere and that I would be able to listen to it. Please let me know. Thanks. I am looking forward to this next month.

    1. Hi Cheryl, sorry about the delay. The classes are at 7 pm your time and are all recorded.
      The recording is above on this page. All recordings and class material will be on this page so you will not miss anything.
      Can you get almond butter? and Soya sauce? You can make a sauce with that instead. Let me know.

  2. I got my shopping done this afternoon with a lot of “help” from my 6 year old grandson.

    No apricots available at the 3 places I went to. I will miss eating them especially as they are considered a heating food and tomorrow is supposed to rain and be quite a bit colder here than it has been.

    Is there a nutritional preference for red / ruby vs the yellow fleshed grapefruit?

    And for the veggie juice in the afternoon you specified a golden delicious apple which I didn’t notice till I printed the recipes out this evening – I will be using an unidentified type of apple from our own tree in the backyard. Any info on one apple over another when we stock up i.e. gala / pink lady / fuji / golden delicious….?

    I have barley miso in my frig which I prefer but should I switch to rice? Would one be more alkalizing than the other? ie I think barley is considered a low acidic grain

    What kind of stevia do you think is best? I’ve always used the white powder form, which is sold bulk at our health food co-op store and doesn’t contain any extra bulking up ingredient which I was told can be in some prepackaged stevia powder.

    Curious as to your take on eating food in season and regional as being more beneficial to our constitution. I eat bananas and avocadoes for instance throughout the year but I wonder about shipping stuff from so far away ie the carbon footprint. (I see my grapefruit came from South Africa. I’d at least prefer it came from California if I have a choice.)

    Looking forward to the weekend, though Saturday night I will be washing dishes at a lasagna dinner at our community hall that is a fundraiser for our watershed protection society! I will be making a veggie lasagna but won’t be eating any of course!

    Time for bed and some deep breathing!

    1. Vicki, thank you for the update. You can use another fruit in place of the apricot. I was thinking afterwards I should have given a few choices as it is not always easy to find what we think is fruit in season. If you can find any type of berry and have a small handful that will work.

      No golden delicious, not to worry use any other apple. I chose that type because it has the most juice in it.

      Yes, it is good to eat foods as close to home as possible but I would not get over concerned as in this world we do eat such a variety of food to be grateful for. Grapefruit is so good for weight loss and cleansing.

      Well done not eating the lasagna!

      Happy to hear you are doing your deep breathing.

  3. I am finding this a lot of food for me. I could only eat 1/2 the steamed lunch and don’t know if I can get the veggie juice into me or not. If I have to skip something – what should it be?

  4. I can eat a lot of watermelon. Unfortunately the 2 I bought are a little overripe so I had to cut out pieces that were firmer. I just finished blending the rest and have make watermelon ice cubes and 2 quarts of juice that I will freeze. I’m wondering about using the iced cubes in my green smoothies as I understand for the most part melons should be eaten alone.

  5. I have been away for the weekend and am going to be at the cabin again all week but am looking forward to getting started tomorrow

  6. I have been out of town and thought I would be back in time for Sunday calls. Sorry I missed the call. I started today and everything was wonderful. I have not have the snacks because I have been full. Should I have the snacks and eat less at lunch and dinner? Thank you again Diana and Randy..

    1. Pat, happy to hear everything was wonderful and that you have been full. You can do what you wish, either eat smaller meals or skip snacks. Having smaller meals maybe a good idea but do what feels good for you.

  7. Runny nose today – hoping it’s part of the detox and not a cold. Trying to catch up on juicing apples today. Think the food diary is a good idea. I’ve found myself feeling cold with the change in season so made my lemon water with warmer water this morning.

  8. lovely walk today – fed some horses, enjoyed a neighbour’s stunning autumn garden, noticed a climbing tree for my grandson, the freshness of the air after a rain this afternoon – the feeling was one of gratitude

    1. Pat and Cindy, sounds like the two of you will have done your 2 days by now and starting on the 5 day journey. Make sure you watch the video to remind you what you are doing.
      In fact everyone may benefit from a refresher by watching it. Did you watch the Acid Alkaline lesson?

      Vicki, sounds like you are cleansing with that runny nose. Happy to hear you are enjoying the fresh air.

      Ann, yep golfing counts as long as you are not using a motorized cart. :)

      Domine, I do use a very well tested range of herbal foods. We will send you some information on them and how to get tested for the right ones for you on Thursday.

      Hope you are all doing well with the Food Diary. Look forward to hearing how it is going. hint hint.

  9. I also had a lovely day. Golfed this afternoon (counts as a walk, right?) with family in the beautiful autumn colors. Continuing to pack and consume all the great fruits and veggies/clean out my refrigerator. Food journal will be a nice refresher for me. Mindless eating is a definite issue for me.

  10. So I did 10 minutes of belly breathing with the pause this morning and what I found was I really liked the empty place of no breath at the end of the out breath – very restful and still. I found the in breath with the pause a little uncomfortable ie slightly nauseating (!) but I may have been trying too hard??

    Lighting a fire – I just can’t stay warm enough. Tho I do find often when I eat ie dinner last night after our call that I’ll get quite an immediate rush of heat. Didn’t get it with my breakfast green smoothie but did just get a “hit” with a little nibble of dark chocolate. Lunch is coming up.

    Really appreciating doing this with Diana + Randy’s guidance and the group members input and questions. Thx again to all. Good day.

  11. Vicki, just do the breathing a little more gently and if it still happens just do the holding a little less too and gently build up. You are sensitive and need to take a little extra care. There is nothing wrong with that….just and an individual with different needs.

    This season is often the most difficult to keep warm in as we are so used to hot summer. For you I would for sure cut out the cooling melon. You will like next week’s totally new menu with lots of cooked food in it.

  12. Diana, do you mean to cut out melon even on the 2 day “diet” (because I will be stocking up tomorrow when I go to town) or during the week? I do love melon. I just pulled out my wool sweater so maybe that will help!

  13. Yep got the 3 plates in – green smoothie, salad and buckwheat and for dinner fresh veggies with veggie dip and soaked almonds with baked zucchini slices with tomato sauce and grated cheese on top. Is it ok to eat more than 1 protein at a meal ie in this case almonds and cheese topping on the zucs?

  14. I have had a great week. I really feel good. I am doing the two day on Sunday and Monday this week because I will be away this Friday evening and Saturday. I really enjoy my walks and deep breathing. I was wondering instead of the green smoothie could I just eat the grapefruit because I will not have a blender. Also for the other days I like 1 cup of coffee but I put non-dairy creaner in it.I have not had any coffee this week which has been ok. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could use instead of non-dairy creaner. Also thank you Diana and Randy for the delicious menus.

  15. Pat, happy to hear you are enjoying your walks and deep breathing; it is so good for rebuilding us to do those things. Since you will not have a blender you will just have to eat the grapefruit on it own; you could if you want eat the lettuce leaves and celery on it own. Try it. I used to do that; it tastes good. :)

    Non-dairy creamer…hmmm I have never used it. But I have seen ‘So Delicious coconut milk creamer’ which sounds like the best. Have you ever tried almond milk? You can make it. I have a recipe here for it.

    Happy you enjoy the menu. I am creating the new one for next weekend right now.

  16. Well, I am afraid I haven’t been able to listen in , so my food program has been a little ‘modified’ while travelling. However have done the morning water, lemon drink and lots of melon both in the morning and have brought it along in the car for snacks. The other thing is, because we are staying in a lovely cabin and have bought salad fixin’s, when we return ‘home’ to our cabin we’ve had just a very light evening meal of salad, with just a quick olive oil and lemon dressing. It’s quite satisfying.

    Well must get out and get that walk…beautiful sunny morning as the tide is coming in or out….have to check the tide chart….this land lubber hasn’t figured it out yet. Will try to send pics if I can figure out how to do that as well:) BTW, high tide comes right up to our back yard….so amazing. low tide leaves an amazing red sand beach that goes wwwaaaay out, so next adventure will be exploring tide pools at low tide.

    Bye for now.

  17. Had a lovely day today visiting Charlottetown, walking more red sand beaches and enjoying the local culture. I’ve have finished off my day by downloading a food diary app to my cell phone to help keep track of food/exercise activity. Hope this will make that process easier while travelling. It is interesting to see how this diary tallies up the foods and categorizes them similarly as Diana and Randy have…Green (veggies/fruits), Yellow (proteins, nuts seeds, good carbs), RED (simple carbs, bad fats) and then allocates them in a little pie chart…couldn’t help but compare to your lovely ‘plate’ graphics :) However, while I found the calorie calculator interesting…

    I’m like Diana when it comes to looking at calorie count and these apps all use calories as their ‘standard’ so I think it is important for those using this kind of technology to get educated on calories and how they are not all equal…it really does matter where they come from…100 calories from a piece of candy or ice cream does not nourish and heal the body in the same way as 100 calories from fruits & veggies, nuts, seeds and whole grains etc. So if anyone else is using the web diaries, I hope you are aware of this and try not to get caught up in outdated information. Diana will have great answers for you if you have any questions on this aspect.

  18. Very tired today. Found myself lying down on the couch a few times. We did go for a lovely walk to the water tho. Can’t imagine doing 30 steps at the moment but tomorrow may feel different. I’m happy to report my watermelon was delicious this time!

  19. Ann, so lovely to hear of your adventures on the east coast of Canada. Happy to hear you are having a sensible diet. Interesting to hear of your app on the phone. Yes calorie counting can really get in wrong in terms of nutrition. Thank you for sharing that.

    Vicki, you were on the limited menu today and the walking steps is for during the week when you are on the ‘sensible’ diet. Also, do not do it if your body is too exhausted. With CFS you have to listen and not do too much.

    Talk with you all on Wednesday!

    Happy eating, drinking, breathing and walking. :)

  20. I’m finding when I do the belly breathing in the mornings before I get out of bed that I often end up dozing off again which is nice but I need to get on with my day! I think this is connected with have Chronic Fatigue and not finding sleep refreshing – bedtime breathing works better for me and obviously will have to try to fit it into my day’s activities. When I was swimming laps on Monday I noticed the breath is similar with the pause before the out breath.

    Separating proteins and grains is easy but different for me and eating one grain “plate” a day is taking some juggling. As we are vegetarians I’ve relied a lot on grain for meals but I had been feeling recently that I needed to pull back. ie. I might have one piece of sourdough rye with almond butter or melted cheese / raw salsa / avocado on it for lunch and then salad with a grain for dinner when my husband is home from work.

    I look forward to tonight’s talk on food combining.

    Off for a walk soon and will fit in some planks and stairs before 6 pm PT!

  21. Tonight for dinner we had quinoa and steamed swiss chard from the garden, with olive oil, wheat free tamari and yeast flakes over top. Delicious. Would you consider this a complete meal / plate or should I have had more veggies with it? I did 3 times the amount of chard to quinoa. Would that be a protein / carb plate?

  22. It’s been very quiet on the comments page! Because of what I needed to do yesterday I had to do some rearranging of the menu. So I had the big green smoothie in the morning, but as I had to go out in the afternoon I made the cabbage salad to go and when I got home my husband and I made the steamed veggies and millet/buckwheat recipes for dinner. I missed out on the lentil soup yesterday but looking forward to it soon. I’m not getting leftovers because Terry is eating with me which is great. I sure did want another spoonful of grain last night though.

  23. Regarding the exercises – the stair walking should be 50 times 3 times a day for a total of 150 steps per day, and the plank is one time only for 30-60 seconds?

    I’m wondering if there is any possibility of being able to change the date of our last call Sunday October 13th as it is Thanksgiving Sunday and that is the time our family, and perhaps others get together for a family dinner. Could we consider the following Wednesday Oct. 16th?

    Both my husband and I have enjoyed the meals this weekend. I look forward to adding fresh white raspberries to my smoothie tomorrow morning harvested from a neighbour’s garden yesterday.

    1. Hi Vicki. The stair walking was only meant to be 50 per day as a MINIMUM. We recognize that people have to start slow. If you can do that three times that is great.

      Thanks for alerting us to the Sunday October date. We will reschedule it to the following Wednesday. We will make the announcement tomorrow.

  24. I have been out of town since last Thursday but I did pretty good with my plates. I am doing the 2 day tomorrow and Friday. I can not wait to start the new menu, everything sounds so good.
    I did try the Coconut creamer for my coffee. It is pretty good but I find that after drinking my warm water I really don’t want any coffee especially if I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
    Looking forward to tonght call.
    Have a wonderful day !!

  25. Good Evening Diane & Randy,
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend !! I just want to say that I am thankful for both of you. These last four weeks have been just wonderful. I have enjoyed the meals and so far I have lost 8 pounds, which I have not been able to do for many years. I could not have done it without all your hard work.I also feel fantastic.

  26. Hi – Belated Thanksgiving everyone. Sorry for the delay with comments. Everything has been going well even with my late start I have been able to keep up to-day being my last day. My husband & I have been busy with appointments and my yearly medical was yesterday. I have lost 5 lbs and the Dr. says I’m right where I should be. I was so excited because other pains have lessened. I no longer wake up with the pain down my arms and my hands. I still have the stiff swollen fingers in the morning but gone once I’m up for half an hour. Have not got in to see the specialist yet but had decided I would not go on medication is she said. Now I know I can do it with food. I love all the recipes.
    I have not be faithful with my walks & stairs but do other exercises 5 days a week. Have even missed the Parkinson’s exercise for my Husband (who now has a sore knee) which is twice a week and as care taker I get to participate also.
    This is a little long but trying to make up for what I missed. Great reading everyone’s comments. Thank You Randy & Diana for doing all this work to benefit our health and well being.

  27. Hi Diana and Randy,
    I just wanted to say thank you! I have been searching for Real Food for Life, my whole life, and you came at just the right time! Last Nov. I had some pretty severe stomach problems. I was referred to a Gastroenterologist who performed an endoscopy. He said I had food allergies but did not test me for anything. I was put on prilosec to calm my stomach for about 6 months. When I went in for my follow-up I told him I was still having problems. He listened very intently and then told me I was fine and did not need the medicine any more nor did I need him unless I had another issue. I was speechless! I felt hopeless! A trip to the ER with, another diagnosis, that I was allergic to something I ate, solidified for me I was going to have to find my own answers. So I began my own search for answers. I the midst of all that I found Real Food For Life and it has changed my life! Since I have been following the 2-5-30 I have been feeling so much better and have lost ten pounds, too! I went for my yearly exam last week and told my Dr. that I thought I may have gallbladder issues, but by eating differently I am able to keep from having any symptoms. So, she had me go for a test and they found gall stones in my gall bladder. She wants to refer me to a surgeon so I can have my gallbladder removed! Yikes! Since I am not ready to part with one of my organs, I am going to continue eating my plates and find a Naturopathic Dr.to try a natural remedy. (Thank you, Diana!) I may still have to let my gall bladder go, but not without fighting the good fight. I owe you big time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  28. Well everyone, it looks from these latest comments like there have been some pretty significant shifts! Congrats to all of you as well as Diana and Randy for compiling and delivering another great program. Because of travels in the middle of all of this I haven’t followed completely, but now that I’m home will be going over the material again and getting down to business.

    Domine, I expect Diana may have a gallbladder cleanse recipe for you, but if not have her remind me to share the cleanse recipes I have from our good friend Diane Haryett. They are quite simple and can be very effective.

    Again congrats to all…isn’t it great what REAL FOOD can do?


  29. Sorry I didn’t get this filled out before – I had to wait 2 HOURS at our river crossing today to get home as our ferry is in repair right now and we are using a barge. So I lost the time I thought I had this afternoon.

    1. fresh tomato salad dressing
    2. felt sick after drinking the green smoothie in week 3
    3. no wt loss but feel more toned up
    4. no wt gain
    5. don’t seem to make time for all the exercises in my busy days
    6. drinking water in the morning and soaking nuts + legumes

  30. 1. I enjoyed the watermelon!!
    2. Even though I really enjoy the warm water in the morning, sometimes I felt a little sick
    3. I lost 10 lbs.
    4. Did not gain weight
    5. I appreciated it all!
    6. the whole course has had a tremendous impact on me emotionally and physically.

  31. Answer to questions:
    1. Steamed veggies
    2. Tired when I first started- sore throat. – Organizing my drinking times.
    3. Lost 5 lbs.
    4. No
    5. Breathing exercise
    6. Organizing and cooking my meals.

  32. Answer to questions:
    1. Steamed veggies with Miso sauce I enjoyed
    2.Tired when I first started. Sore throat.
    3.Lost 5 lbs.
    4. No
    5. Breathing exercises
    6. Drinking at the correct times

  33. Hi Diane & Randy, I am sorry I missed tonight but I had to work late tonight. I did not think I would be this late but things happen. I want you both to know that I appreciate you . All the menu was wonderful and as of this morning I had lost 9 pounds… amazing. I don’t think I was ever hungry. Your knowledge and wonderful recipes taught me how good food can taste. Also I feel go much better that I did before I started. Thanks you and God Bless for helping all of us.

  34. 1.I always enjoy the salads and the different home made dressings
    2.The hardest part was finding the organic and less common foods. These are not available at all in my little town and even if I travel an hour to a bigger town I cannot always get what I need. Believe it or not I couldn’t even buy lemons yesterday! I did not have any cleansing issues.
    3.I only did the first 2 weeks of the diet but continued to follow the “pattern” of healthy eating for the second two weeks and I lost 5 pounds. I am still looking forward to following the second 2 weeks soon.I did not do any measurements but I know my clothes are looser.
    4.My arthritic shoulders feel better when I am eating my alkaline and food combining and my hot flashes are less frequent and less intense. The cleaner my body gets the less appreciative it is when I do not eat well. Especially with the food combining. I suffer with heartburn when I do not food combine properly.
    5.I find it hard to get in all the morning foods with all the time delays in between.
    6. As always, the best part is just being on the course because it keeps my awareness high and keeps me on-track. The food and exercise diaries are nothing new to me but they are still the best tool to keep me “honest” and that is probably why I hate them!
    Thanks for another great course. I have recommended you to several people.

    1. Thank you to all of you Summer Detoxers for participating wholeheartedly. I really appreciate hearing all your wonderful successes. It was fun working with you an look forward to another course with you in the future. Wishing you a great rest of October.

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful to share a meal together?!

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