17 Year-Old Forced by STATE to Undergo Chemotherapy

Cassanda C. is a 17-year old being locked in a hospital room, and forced to under-go chemotherapy treatments against her will.

After experiencing adverse effects from her first round of chemo, Cassandra ran away to escape further treatment, deciding she wanted to purse alternative treatment procedures. Now the Supreme Court has enforced her to have chemo treatment. She is not being allowed to make her own medication decisions for her body. She is being confined to a hospital room and forcefully being administered chemo.

This case is important on many levels. First and foremost, it demonstrates the freedom of choice and decision we have over how we treat our own body. Is it truly the right of a Government, subject to the US Constitution, to forcefully dictate what goes into our bodies? This young woman is able to make an informed and discerning decision about what kind of treatments are available to her, and the course she wishes to pursue. Having a government forcefully subject their will upon our individual power to choose for our body is a gross violation of constitutional rights. She is even backed by the approval and intelligence of her mother, Jackie Fortin.

“She does not want the toxins. She does not want people telling her what to do with her body and how to treat it,” says Jackie Fortin.  She adds that Cassandra does not want to die and she does not want her daughter to die.

Cassandra and her mother wan the right to explore the many emerging effective treatments available, aside from chemotherapy. Each individual should have the right to look at the facts and options available, and make an informed choice. Jackie, Cassandra’s mother has said that her daughter given the chance to make her own decision may in fact decide to have chemo treatments as part of her way to recovery.

Finally, we fear for Cassandra’s well-being.  The media reports that she did run away from the hospital to escape treatment. If her mind and body are so adverse to these treatments, how can they be helpful?


Please sign this petition in support of Cassandra’s and every human being’s right to make an informed choice about how they treat their bodies.

Bodily autonomy should never be infringed on by the state. I just signed a Care2 petition asking Connecticut to release this girl to her mother, and to add the right to refuse treatments to its Mature Minor Doctrine, which would allow minors to refuse treatment if they exhibit maturity. Will you sign too? Here’s a link to the petition.

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