Video shows ranking for being overweight which is different from obese.

As we see in the video, American Samoa has the highest over weight rate of 94% in the world.   Babies just 15 months old were found to be classified as overweight (40 per cent of boys and 30 per cent of girl babies) according to a study.

Why is this happening in America Samoa?  It started with the U.S. dumping turkey tails, which are up to 40 percent fat on the island chain after World War II.  They consume 44 pounds of the turkey butts annually and local officials even tried to ban further imports in 2007 but Washington made them into back down.

Also, because most of the food in American Samoa is imported and expensive, the fast-food chains offer a cheaper food. 


1. American Samoa – 94 per cent

2. Kiribati, Central Pacific – 82 per cent

3. French Polynesia – 74 per cent

4. Saudi Arabia – 73 per cent

5. Panama – 67.4 per cent 

6. The U.S. – 66.9 per cent

7. Germany – 66.5 per cent

8. Egypt – 66 per cent

9. Kuwait – 64 per cent 

10. Bosnia and Herzegovina – 63 per cent

11. New Zealand – 62.7 per cent

12. Malta – 62.3 per cent

13. Israel – 61.9 per cent

14. Croatia – 61.4 per cent

15. Bahrain – 61 per cent

16. Macedonia – 60.4 per cent

17. Barbados  – 60.4 per cent

18. Seychelles – 60.1 per cent

19. Canada – 59.1 per cent

20. Chile – 59.7 per cent

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4 thoughts on “10 of the WORLD’S FATTEST PLACES…”

  1. You know something Diana, most obese people I meet tell me they eat healthy.They do not understand why they are so obese and would do anything to lose weight.
    The problem is simply that their definition of junk food is not the same as ours.That is the problem.Dead foods with no enzymes are still dead and no matter what you do they will never be alive again and are therefore classified as Junk Food.Pasturised foods are all dead…
    Pierre & Pierrette

  2. I would be interested in seeing a list of the 20 leanest places/cultures in the world. Be fascinating to contrast typical meals, favorite foods, and attitudes toward food on these two extremes. I suspect we could learn a lot!

    1. Well. If you find the full report of overweight around the world, you just read it from the bottom up.

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