We usually throw out the hard green rind of the juicy watermelon, but did you know that the watermelon rind has many nutritional and remedy benefits? This wasted food can do good things for your body.  Also, using it will cut down on your garbage helping the environment.

Health Benefits:

  • Watermelon rind contains citrulline, see above for more information on citrulline.
  • Acne can be helped using watermelon rind might help prevent breakouts; rub the watermelon rind on acne for naturally clearing up the acne.

How Watermelon Rind is Used:

  • Russians like their pickled watermelon rind.
  • Early Greek settlers brought the recipe for pickling watermelon to Charleston, South Carolina. The first United States cookbook published in 1796 had a recipe for watermelon rind pickles.
  • Thai Gaeng Leang soup uses watermelon rind as one of its main ingredients as it adds sweetness and firmness.
  • Watermelon rind makes a preserve with its greenish-clear texture, and has a delicious mild flavour.

Some people actually juice it. Make sure you have an organic one if you try this and do learn the best way to do it.