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Watermelon Cleanse Bootcamp

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“When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what angels eat.” Mark Twain


This weekend ‘Watermelon Bootcamp’ will help your body clean out some of what has accumulated over time and balance much more.  We will be using the natural cleansing and alkalizing effects of watermelon.

Sometimes a good“clean out” for your body is a good idea.  This is why we are having a ‘Watermelon Bootcamp’.  Our body can get clogged up for many reasons.  We may have eaten food filled with toxins,  made poor food choices, combined food wrongly, ate a highly acidic diet, lived in this polluted earth and even emotional stress can disturb our body systems.

What’s Going to Happen: 

Starting Saturday you will eat a specialized diet for 2 days with lots of watermelon.  There will be several group calls together so you can know exactly what to do and get feedback on your experiences.

How Does it Work: 

Pay below and then you will receive how to register since we will be sending your special instruction.

As soon as you register we will be sending you a list of foods that you must have purchased by Friday night.  This will include watermelon but also other foods.

First conference call is Friday evening and then there will be calls Saturday and Sunday.

This is NOT a fast or a mono-diet.  A fast must be very carefully monitored in a professional setting and even a mono-diet might be too strong for most.


This is a gentle way to assist in cleaning the body and especially bringing back the correct pH balance.  In my experience almost every one is too acidic.  This diet with mostly alkaline foods and some of the most alkaline forming foods there are is a perfect way to do this naturally with no supplements.

It is not expensive!  You will probably same money.

This will Be Fun:  check out our other BootCamps   at Healthy Weekend BootCamps or register below to reserve your spot.

Normally a boot camp could cost $100.00 to $200.00.

This weekend is only $59.00 $39.00



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