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Umeboshi Plums – The Samurai PowerFood

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Umeboshi plum

These Japanese pickled plums were thought by the samurai to combat battle fatigue.

Umeboshi means dried plum and the botanic name is Prunus ume.  It is technically part of the plum family, before it’s turned into umeboshi but it looks like an apricot.

Japanese pickled plums have many medicinal qualities. They are highly effective in balancing a highly acidic body with its highly alkalizing effect which helps with fatigue, digestion, and helping eliminate toxins.  In Japan this is what they use instead of an aspirin and instead of an apple a day it is an umeboshi a day as preventive medicine.

I do need to warn you if you have not eaten one of these pickled plums they are very strong in taste and not a taste we in the west are accustomed to.  I love them! In the 70’s they were introduced to my diet when I became a macrobiotic.

“The abrupt, searingly tart, tangy, salty taste jolts the eyes open, shakes the stomach awake, sandpapers off any staleness from the tastebuds and gets the day off to an unforgettable start.” (Clearspring, 2009)

Watch for more to come in this article about all the wonderful benefits, history of and recipes of this unique powerfood.

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