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20 Easy Health Resolutions

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‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. Many people make commitments to change their health.
We all want to get our health back on track; but where and how to start?

Don’t set yourself up for failure.

In our fast paced society we often go for unrealistic perfection instead of going for progress.

We may make resolutions like: “Every day this year I will eat eight servings of vegetables, work out in the gym, and only eat healthy foods.  I will look just like Beyoncé.”

However, after one or two weeks of these lofty goals, we fail; reality sets in and we are back to old familiar habits.  What to do?

The answer is simple.

  •     Set smaller realistic goals by creating new easy-to-do healthy habits or baby steps.
  •     Set shorter time frames for success (one to three months). You can always redo.

For example: In the Beyoncé goal above, instead of  8 servings of vegetables, try adding a green smoothie to the diet. This is doable to begin with and effective.

Here is a small list of 20 ideas that can be included in New Year’s resolutions. These are part of my bigger list of 50 to 100. Check it out for more ideas.

20 Top Successful Health Ideas

1.  Find time to relax. When we are stressed it is challenging to health mentally and physically. Going for a long walk or enjoying a movie night with a friend or partner takes the pressure off.

2.  Decide if you are overweight and if so, then decide to start on a long term healthy weight loss program. Any healthy one will do. Try this easy one: 2 -5-30 Healthy Diet. Being overweight can cost you your health.

happy familly Get into the fresh air!

3.  Be in the fresh air. Walk, run or play in the fresh air and connect with nature. We can do that even in winter.


4.  Look after YOU by putting you first. Busy lives make it challenging to make time to for caring for yourself, but it is important to have inside and outside maintenance now and again.

5.  Find a passion. Figuring out where real passions lie in life, whether it is playing a sport, caring for family, following a career or making the world a better place, will help keep us healthy and active into old age.

6.  Share meal times together. It is nourishing on many levels including your health.  When we eat with others we slow down and enjoy our food more. Also, it is good to spend time connecting with others.

7.  Spend time with loved ones. Being with others is important for a balanced and happy life. It promotes better health and it doesn’t cost anything.

8.  Drink lots of water. Pure water can help maintain concentration and digest food.  Plus we will eat less.

9.  Give your brain a work out. This will help keep the brain stay healthy.  Great […]