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Festive Fruit Punch without Alcohol

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Would you like drink a health giving and tasty drink at the party?  Try this alcohol free, sugar free  punch.

When I first served it, people at my parties were so used to alcoholic punch, that they  would start acting like they were  drunk.

This proves you don’t need sugar or alcohol.  Just friends, good drink and the intention to have fun. Let’s get high naturally.

Festive Fruit Punch

Enjoy this tasty non-alcoholic energy giving drink for your good health.


1 cup frozen organic strawberries
2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice
2 Tbs fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 mint tea bags
1 hibiscus tea bag
1 liter sparkling spring water
1/4 tsp – 1/2 tsp Liquid Stevia to taste

For Garnish:
1 orange, sliced
1 lemon, sliced
1 cup frozen organic raspberries
Handful fresh mint leaves


  1. Make 2 cups of tea with mint and hibiscus tea bags (let steep for 10 minutes).
  2. Blend strawberries, orange juice and lemon juice on liquefy speed (high speed) for approximately 1-2 minutes or until all ingredients are well-blended.
  3. Add tea and blend.
  4. Pour juice into punch bowl or a pitcher.
  5. Mix in sparkling water and stevia to taste.
  6. Add orange slices, lemon slices, frozen raspberries and mint leaves.
  7. Enjoy.