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I Was a Sugar Addict…

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I was a sugar and a chocolate addict!

I am now happy to say I am a recovered addict.

How Did I Become an Addict?

Becoming an addict began in my mother’s womb. Sugar and chocolate were already my mother’s addictions.  At a date with my father she invited him for hot chocolate filled with sugar. He was not impressed!  My father was an alcoholic!   It truly was good luck that I did not become an alcoholic. (but that is another story).

There is no blame towards my mother at all. She was innocent in her love of sugar and chocolate and gave it to me every chance she could.  There wasn’t the same level of nutritional awareness at that time as there is now.

Sugar As A Cure For Dietary Deficiencies!?

Mom used sugar and chocolate to get me to consume foods she was told were good for me.  One of those foods was milk. As a little girl I did not like it, so she bought me chocolate milk filled with sugar. This reinforced my growing sugar addiction.

Another ‘good’  food I didn’t like was eggs. To solve this problem she made me a sweet egg nog. This had both milk and eggs AND sugar.

Yuk! I remember not liking it at all.  Now I feel nauseous just thinking of it.

Mom did not know that milk and eggs do not agree with everyone.  They certainly did not agree with me!   Right after that first and only egg nog I got very sick with a cold and was in bed for a week coughing up mucous.  No one realized the link and only much later in my life did I realize that my body did not do well with dairy and eggs.

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Sugar and Junk Food for Fun

My mom was a fun lover.  Once a month she would organize a fun supper.

Here is what my sister April says:

“My mother would sometimes give us money to go to the nearby store to buy supper. We were of course overjoyed as this meant that we would be able to choose anything we wanted to eat.  These suppers usually consisted of a pop, a chocolate bar, and either a bag of chips or a Fudgesicle.  We loved those junk food dinners then, however, in retrospect, they certainly were not the healthiest of dinners.”

Lots of sugar to feed the growing addict in me!  The bonus for me, was that as the eldest, there were no dishes to do.

Sick As a Child

My childhood was full of flues and colds – caused by three factors.

1. Sugar weakened my immune system
2. Dairy products clogged my respiratory system.
3.  My tonsils being removed.  Doctors did that for children with recurrent sore throats back in the 50’s.  Now health experts know that is detrimental for the immune system.  It is not surprising that a few years after having my tonsils out, I was in the hospital

The Addiction […]