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Before the Course:

Schedule Your Course Days:
You get to decide WHEN your day one works best for you, but most people find it best to do the traiing over a weekend so they do the Day One on a Friday. For this reason you might find the videos referring to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  You can interpret this as Day One, Day Two and Day Three.

BootCamp or Course?  Sometimes you will see this course referred to as a BootCamp. Some people like the implications of a bootcamp but some do not so we are slowly getting rid of that name.  We have not done so on the videos and certain handouts.

Food and Activity Log:

Fill it out for at least two days before the course starts.  You don’t have to do anything with what you write down other than be aware. We will talk more about it in the conference calls.
We want you to begin to learn about your eating patterns. The best way to do this is to keep a food diary.
Keeping a food diary will help you see the areas where you can make changes that will help you lose weight.  Start at least 3 days before you schedule your BootCamp.  Click on the link to open and download or print.

Shopping List  click on link to open and save to your computer.  Print out for shopping.  
Alkalize Your Body Shopping List

For the BootCamp/Course:

Day One:

Alkalize Your Body Recipes complete

Alkalize Your Body Menu

How to Test Your Urine pH Balance

Acid-alkaline Chart from Mini-ebook

Listen to audio or watch video recording below: 

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Day Two

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Day Three

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