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Congratulations for taking a big step in your health.

This set of Four 2-Day Diets will  give your body a powerful boost and change your eating habits forever.

Late Summer 2-5-30 Schedule: 

Most people decide to do the 2 day cleanse on four consecutive weekends. When you listen to the videos, we will be talking to people who have done this.

However, you can pick your 2 days during the week to fit your schedule.  Also,  if you miss a weekend you can just make the course longer than four weeks – whatever fits your needs.

LISTEN TO THE VIDEOS IN SEQUENCE, and all the information will be presented to you as you need it.

You will use a new shopping list and menu for weeks ONE and THREE.  Weeks two and four use the same shopping list and menu with slight variations to make it easier for you.

Week One Downloads: right click and save to your computer.

Week One shopping list: Shopping List for Week One

Week One Menu: Week-1 and 2-Menu-and-Schedule

Week One Recipes: All Recipes Week 1

Week One: First Recorded Live Training: Beginning orientation:


 Acid/ alkaline training

Food and Activity Diary:  Food & Activity Diary

Second Recorded Live Training:  End of first two day ‘diet’ and suggestions for five days.


 Week Two

Third Recorded Live Training:  Review of possible changes to your menu plus addition of new powerful breathing technique.


 Week Three

Week Three and Four Shopping list:  Balance Your Body Shopping List-Wk 3

Week Three and Four Recipes: All recipes Week 3 and 4

Week Three and Four Menu:  Week 3 & 4 Menu and Schedule 2-5-30 Diet

Fourth Recorded Live Training: Introduction to last two weeks with new menu and recipes.

Food Combining Training:

 Week Four

Final Training 

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