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Give Your Lifestyle a Huge Makeover

health medley 2 Healthy Weekend BootCamps

Change Your Relationship
to Food, Eating and Living!

You have probably been exposed to lots of good information.

Why don’t you apply it?

1. The information seems  too complicated.
2.  We are not sure who we can trust.
3.  We are too busy to focus and can’t wait for results.
4.  Our culture and  friends  do not support change.

Real Food For Life Web Trainings Provide

  • Information from a trusted source.
  • Focus to gain skills from the comfort of your home.
  • Support to gain confidence.
  • Enough results so you will be inspired to continue.

We won’t be shouting in your ear to ‘work harder’ but the conference calls and group feedback will still keep your going!

The Trainings will consist of:

  • ‘Getting Started’ conference call of one hour.
  • One or two one hour conference calls over two days that will provide information and focus and training.
  • For the weekend you will be following the specific food guidelines and recipes for the Course.

For example in July and August, watermelons are in season so we did a Watermelon Cleanse BootCamp Weekend.  Watermelons are cleansing and alkaline and a perfect way to balance your body over a short period of time IF you do it right! .

What will happen:

  • You will receive a shopping list before each weekend.
  • You will only be committing to about 2 hours of calls.
  • If you missed the conference due to scheduling you will be able to listen to the recording.
  • The group and your commitment will keep you ACCOUNTABLE!

Choose the Online Class to get the Results you Want:

2-5-30 Diet:  Eat what you want to 5 days and then balance for 2 days. Our most transformational course up to date!

Fall 2-5-30 Healthy Diet:   Powerful 2-5-30 Diet adjusted for fall.

Summer Detox:  The perfect time to clean out your body.  Not recommenced between August and May

Alkalize Your Body Makeover   Change your life in just two days by shifting your body into balance.

Watermelon Cleanse: The simple way to cleanse and lose weight. Not recommenced between August and May

Health GF Baking Training:  Learn how to make sinfully delicious gluten free treats and desserts that are still healthy for you.

The Healthy Chocolate Project: The only really healthy chocolate is fresh chocolate you make in your home without unhealthy sugars and fats.

Fancy Five Course Vegetarian Meal:  Feel confident you can make a great healthy meal for your family or friends without the stress.

Watch For These Upcoming  Online Classes:

  • New year’s 2-5-30 Healthy Diet – balance yourself after the holidays and lose weight in 2015. Register for the free webinar with tips and knowledge for the new year.
  • Grains – knowing what and how to prepare.
  • Getting Those Greens into You
  • Back to Roots for deep nourishment

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We want you to be 100% happy with your BootCamp experience. If for any reason you are not satisfied just contact us and we will refund 100% of your purchase – no questions asked.