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Cerra Stone - bioceramics for alkalinity and oxidation

Bio Ceramic Breakthrough You Can Use Daily

When I first heard about the Cerra Stone I was a little skeptical of it’s amazing list of possible benefits.  Once I had held one in my hands though the feeling from just doing that intrigued me enough to look further. It can ….

  •  Improve the flavour of your cooked food
  • Increases the alkalinity of your tea and foods
  • Raises the anti-oxident level of your liquids
  • Helps keep refrigerated food fresh
  • Enhances energy and moods
  • Creates a fresh environment

The Cerra Stone has been shown through laboratory testing that it increases the pH of water by up to 2 points.
It also increases the antioxidant capabilities of water by up to 200 points on an antioxidant meter.

Alkaline Water In Your Tea and Cooking

The benefits of proper alkaline balance include abundant energy, deeper sleep, more youthful skin and a stronger immune system.  Drinking alkaline water for most people helps in this process.

The problem with alkaline water is that most of the alkalinity and antioxidant properties are destroyed when you boil it to create tea or when you use it for cooking.
The Cerra Stone can help to maintain those qualities and even increase them the longer the water is heated.

Healthy Coffee?

Acid foods  contribute to the leaching of calcium and other minerals from your body.
Coffee is highly acidic but you can reduce that acidity by making it with a Cerra Stone in your pot when brewing.

We don’t drink coffee (and don’t recommend it) so we haven’t tested this part personally  but Dr. Ross Anderson, ND finds that he can actually create “antioxidant coffee”.  This coffee is not only much healthier but tastes better too.

“My Cerra Stone live in the bottom of my coffee pot”  says Pamella Barenoff

How Does The Cerra Stone Work?

The Cerra Stone is made of of Bio Ceramics.  This is a clay mixture with special minerals embedded in it. This ceramic is then ‘fired’  to three thousand degrees.  After this has  cooled down it is again heated. This process is repeated nine times.

Because of this process the Cerra BioCeramic Stone gives off high levels of ions plus it also radiates far infrared energy.  Both negative ions and far infrared energy are highly beneficial to the body. It is these properties of the ceramic that allow it to impart the special health properties on any water that it is boiled with. It is these same properties that help keep the vegetables in your fridge better! Just put it in the produce drawer of your refrigerator and you will lose less food to spoilage.  I hate to waste good food and I love to  save money.  This helps with both.

In many civilizations certain stones are used in preparing cooked dishes as they are known to improve the flavour, energy and taste of the food. This Cerra Stone is the modern age soup stone.

You Can Feel The Energy:

The remarkable thing about this Cerra Stone is that virtually everybody holds the stone in their hands can feel the energy emitting from the stone. That is what I noticed when I first took it out of the box. I just really like the feel. Even those who claim not to be able to feel energy can frequently feel the Cerra Stone’s power.  For this reason many people keep it in their coat pocket. This ‘feeling’ is perhaps the ions and far infrared energy but I have no way to know for sure.

There is a definite improvement in flavour with dishes prepared using Cerra Stone. In taste tests with identical dishes prepared with and without the Cerra Stone, people inevitably pick the dish prepared with the Cerra stone. Once you start using this Cerra Stone you won’t want to cook without it.

You can also save time thawing frozen food by putting the food in cold water with this Cerra Stone.

This dynamic new innovation should be in everybody’s home and in daily use.

I’ll Bet None Of Your Friends Have One


To purchase the Cerra stone click on this link:   Cerra Stone

On the lower left of this page you will see what is called a Chakra Healing Stone.  This IS the Cerra cooking stone with all the benefits of alkalizing and energizing the water during cooking.  It could not be put on the regular Cerra Water Site because the water technologies on that site have gone through rigorous certification procedures which don’t apply to the Cerra Stone. It is the exact same materials involved and beneficial effects involved.