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Powerfoods are packed with nutrition; the body loves them.

You may have powerfoods in your kitchen right now and don’t know it.

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By eating powerfoods everyday you can energize and balance your body without costly vitamins and medical bills. Foods affect us on many levels and understanding these factors can help you make better health choices.

For a complete understanding of powerfoods and where they get their power, read below .  But first a list of all the  powerfoods we explain on our site.


Apples: Powerfood Pomme.

Bananas:  Healthy, Silly and Sexy

Lemons: the Alkaline Powerfood

Mangos:   10 Health Benefits

Pears: ‘Gift of the Gods’

Pumpkins:  the biggest powerfood…ever!

Saskatoons: Our favorite berry.

Raspberries:  Summer Red Powerfood.

Watermelon:  It’s alkaline and tastes soo good.



Asparagus:  The Balanced Powerfood

Cabbage: The big Powerfood for glowing skin and hair – some say it collects “moon power”

Carrots:  This crunchy powerfoods have health benefits that go beyond your eyes!

Celery for Weight Loss and Calm

Cranberries:  The little powerfood with a big punch!

Green Peas:  Much MORE than a poor man’s meat!

Onions:  The World Health Organization says “Eat them for Better health”.

Spinach:  The First Green Powerfood.

Squash:  Powerfood for all seasons.

Zucchini Love:  Why Diana Had to live on this nutritious powerfood.

 Nuts and Seeds:

Almonds: King of nuts.

Walnuts:  The crinkly powerfood with the highest antioxidant activity of any nut.

Pumpkin Seeds: The alkalizing seed.

Grains and Beans:

Brown Rice: Why it is better then white rice.

Lentils:  This high protein, low cost bean is a stable of healthy diets.

Millet: The alkalizing grain.

Quinoa Powerfood: This nutty flavored powerfood  is pronounced Keen – Wa.

Oatmeal: 10 smart reasons to enjoy oatmeal.


Green Tea:  the Powerfood that Rules the World.

Honey: 10 Health Benefits

Miso: Powerfood from the East.

Seaweed: Ancient Powerfood.

Stevia:  Learn its sweet benefits.

Tumeric:  The REAL Spice of Life.

Powerfoods have specific influences on the body.  That’s why we say they have ‘power’.  To read about where all those benefits come from click on this link:   The 5 Sources of Power in Powerfoods




“Before understanding the power of the foods around me, I was unhealthy, unhappy and confused. Constant visits to doctors and health food stores had little effect on my deep fatigue and constant hunger. That was 30 years ago when Western nutritional science was not as advanced as it is now.

It was the 5,000 year old Chinese herbal knowledge that made the difference for me. Using specific foods and food combinations to feed specific systems and create balance brought me back to the energy and joy I had as a teenager.

Since then I learned from all cultures. The message is always the same: Food can heal. Food can be your medicine. Food has POWER!” Randy Fritz

At Real Food for Life we continue to bring people’s awareness to the power of foods. We also have used vital health testing to determine which foods are suitable for an individual at this time.

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