Why Romaine Lettuce is the Best!

The most nourishing lettuce is Romaine lettuce because it is full of health benefits!  An ordinary salad becomes very tasty with crispy and refreshing Romaine lettuce.  Each American consumed almost 11 pounds of Romaine lettuce in 2014 and 14 pounds of other lettuce. Obviously, they did not know that Romaine lettuce is the best! It certainly is my favourite lettuce.  […]

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Cool Summer Salad For Dinner

A summer salad is just what is best for a hot day.  Who feels like cooking dinner on a hot summer day? Not me! Let’s keep cool!

Making a salad for dinner is simple. This summer salad doesn’t require any cooking and only takes 10 minutes. I enjoy sitting on my shaded deck, eating a whole meal in one bowl! […]

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