This is a meditation that I have found very helpful in my life.

I invite you to use it and you can even insert a name in for someone whom you are working on forgiving or asking for forgiveness from.

When I was given this, I was told to do it seven times a day. The woman who said that to me has been doing it that for the past eleven years. You may already have your own. I like how complete this one is.

I forgive myself for any harm I have ever committed
on any level against myself or any other being,
in this life or any other life, intentionally or unintentionally.
I ask that my soul be blessed with inner healing, divine love,
harmony, peace, inner beauty and prosperity.

I forgive all beings for any harm on any level
that they have committed towards me, either real or imagined,
intentional or unintentional, in this life or any other life.
I ask that their souls be blessed with inner healing,
inner beauty, peace, harmony, joy and prosperity.

I ask for forgiveness from all beings whom I have ever harmed on any level,
either intentionally or unintentionally, in this life or any other life.
I ask that the divine beings of healing please to those souls and offer them
Divine healings, peace, inner beauty, harmony, joy and prosperity.