Ghee has amazing health benefits so it is worth knowing how to make it!

When making ghee you are simply heating butter enough so that the milk solids and possible impurities settle to the bottom, while the water in the butter is boiled off. You are left with a delicious pure oil that is ideal for cooking.

Ingredients and Equipments Needed

  • One to two pounds grass fed, organic unsalted butter. (regular unsalted butter will do, even salted butter can work if you just want to try but salted butter is harder to do  and not as good a final product)
  • Medium saucepan.
  • Spoon for stirring.
  • Fine sieve and/or cheesecloth
  • Glass container with tight lid

1. Place your butter in the pan and melt at medium heat.  If you want to can cut up the butter into smaller pieces to hasten this process.

ghee by Larry Jacobson flicr

All photos are by Larry Jacobson

2.  A foam with rise to the top. At this point turn your heat down to medium low. You can scoop up some of these bubbles with a a strainer spoon if you wish to see the liquid better. The bubbles will get bigger and bigger.

ghee by Larry Jacobson

3. Other solids will sink to the bottom and some will collect on the sides. You can very gently scrape these off the sides and bottom so they are less likely to burn. The bubbling can be accompanied with a crackling sound .

ghee by larry jacobson

4.  At a certain point the bubbles will slow down.  This is close to finished.  When the water is boiled off the oil will start to heat up rapidly and you have to be  careful not to burn it.  The signs it is done are:

–          The ghee becomes a clear golden yellow liquid.
–          The milk solids separate and settle in the bottom of the pan, and are light brown in color.  If you are too dark, you have cooked to much.

–        A small different kind of bubble starts to appear at the bottom.

starting ghee 4 Larry Jacobson5.  See the smaller bubbles.

ghee by olarry jacobson

6.  Let the mixture cool down for 20 minutes and then run through a double layer of cheesecloth .

ghee larry jacobson

7. Let the  ghee cool down completely before sealing the lid.

ghee by larry jacobson 8.  This container is glass so must be kept in the dark. An opaque container with a good lid is also good.