hwo to grwo strawberries

Every June and July when strawberries appear in the gardens and farmers markets where I live in Canada, I am reminded of growing a large patch in England.  One year I picked 30 pounds.  Now, I have a little strawberry patch in my garden that I have been eating strawberries every day for 2 weeks.

 Strawberries are highly valued as one of the most important small fruits grown in the Western Hemisphere. Every province in Canada and every state in the United States grows the strawberries. They grow wild and we grow them as a cultivated plant.

There are 103 types of strawberry plants according to the United States Department of Agriculture. There are two main types of strawberries are ‘everbearers’ and ‘June-bearers’ (one-crop varieties).  My favourite are the everbearers, because they produce berries throughout the summer and fall. I hear they produce fruit during all seasons in Florida.  How lucky they are!

 If you want large juicy strawberries, grow ‘June Bearing’.

 Planting Strawberries Tips:

Plant strawberry in rich the soil to get a large crop.

  1. They grow best in a cool, moist climate and do not do well in warm temperatures.  
  2. Plant in the spring or fall before the temperature is too cold.
  3. Do not to plant strawberries near tomatoes, eggplant, peppers or potatoes.  These vegetables contain ingredients that could cause the rotting of the strawberry plant.
  4. Water the strawberry plant with 1 to 2 inches of water per week because 70% of a strawberry plant’s roots are in the top three inches of soil.
  5. Strawberry plants can grow for 5 to 6 years.
  6. Not every flower produces fruit.
  7. As the plant grows it out slender growths called runners that look like strings. They grow on the ground and send out roots in the soil producing new strawberry plants.
  8. They need at least six continuous hours of sunlight a day.

Watch how to grow your own strawberries:


 Tips on How to Pick Strawberries

 Hold on to the stem just above the berry and pull with a slight twisting motion.

  1. Carefully put the fruit into your containers. Do not throw them in as they are fragile.
  2. Best not to overfill your containers or try to pack the berries down.