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Who doesn’t love a juicy, tasty peach?

The good news is that peaches also have many health benefits and are low in calories!

Peaches  have been grown since the prehistoric times and were first cultivated in China where they are considered a symbol of immortality and friendship.

16 Reasons Peaches Are Peachy Keen for Your Body

  1. A peach is a great snack food for losing weight.  It can give you the feeling of being full, so you will eat less.   One peach contains about 35-50 calories and no fat!
  2. Peaches fight obesity-related diabetes and cardiovascular disease with its spectrum of anti-oxidants.   Texas AgriLife Research.
  3. Peaches keep the skin healthy.  The Vitamin A and C in peaches make them is a great moisturizers and are often used in cosmetics. It also helps in regenerating skin tissue.
  4. Peaches reduce hair loss by nourishing  the scalp.
  5. A stress reliever!  Peaches help reduce anxiety.  Peaches are often referred to as the ‘Fruit of Calmness’ in Hungary.
  6. Peaches have a positive effect in preventing cancer (due to it’s high selenium  content).
  7. Peaches are known to be helpful in removing worms from the intestines.
  8. Peaches have a diuretic effect – to cleanse your kidneys and bladder.child eating peach
  9. Can calm a stomach.
  10. Compounds in stone fruits can help with “metabolic syndrome,” according to Dr. Luis Cisneros-Zevallos, AgriLife Research food scientist. Study at the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia.  Cisneros-Zevallos  says: “Our work indicates that phenolic compounds present in these fruits have anti-obesity, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties in different cell lines and may also reduce the oxidation of bad cholesterol LDL which is associated to cardiovascular disease.”
  11. Those suffering from gout and rheumatism are recommended by dieticians to eat peaches because peaches tend to have a diuretic and a light laxative effect.
  12. Peaches are thought to be an aphrodisiac as well.
  13. Peach flowers have sedative properties .  A remedy for restlessness includes boiling peach flowers in water along with some honey.
  14. Peaches Inhibits tumour growth activity.  Peaches have excellent antimicrobial and antioxidant activity according to research.
  15. Chronic bronchitis, coughs and gastritis are helped with the medicinal tea of the leaves and bark of peach trees.
  16. Peach tea is used as a kidney cleanser In China.

Note: Detailed nutrition can be found at peach calories and nutrition.

“Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it.” ― Alice Walker

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Peach Trivia

  • In China this fruit is a symbol of good luck, protection and longevity.
  • Renoir, encouraged students to improve their painting skills by reproducing the textures and colours of peaches.
  • This fruit is a member of the Rosaceae family and is a close relative of almonds.
  • August is the National Peach Month in the USA since 1982.
  • The peach tree is often considered to be the tree of life.
  • Georgia is the Peach State, although California produces about 50% of the USA peaches.
  • China is the biggest producer of peaches and Italy is the second.
  • “The world’s largest peach cobbler” is 11 feet by 5 feet and made every year in Georgia.
  • Close relatives of almonds, peach seeds are used as an almond oil substitute in cosmetic preparations.
  • Peaches have a long history of being used around the world.

Don’t Miss Out!

Peaches are sooo good and nutritious that you will want to get the most from your peaches.
Read How To Buy, Store and Cook Peaches.

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Peach Recipes

Creamy Peach Vegan Icre Cream – this sugar free ice cream is easy to make without a ice cream maker.

Strawberry Peach Green Smoothie

Peach Berry Crumble:  This recipe is wheat free, sugar free and delicious.


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