I prefer to eat my green smoothie rather than drink it.

It makes more sense to eat them rather than drink them as digestion starts with the digestive juices in the mouth.

Also, when I heard that jaw exercises were being sold to people who drank lots of green smoothies all day…..I knew I was on the right track.

I don’t show it in the video but you can add different greens.  I often use dandelion greens or lamb’s quarters.

You have to be careful in adding TOO MUCH of these kinds of greens because they have a stronger taste.

10 Good Reasons to Include Green Smoothies into your Diet

1.  100% Alkaline

2. Very easy to digest

3.  Highly Nutritious

4.  Eating more live foods

5.  Filled with lots of fiber

6.  You will get more of the nutrients in a well blended green smoothie.

7.  Simple and quick to make

8.  Greens help widen our blood vessels

9.  Greens are full of chlorophyll  that purifies the blood

10. Improved health Many notice the ability to sleep less, better elimination, stronger nails, and teeth.

Smoothies have made such a big difference in my life that we provide 2-5-30 Healthy Diets with smoothies in mind.

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